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Hi. I am not new to the DFI board, but I am new to this forum. Hi people!


I have just bought the bits for my new PC. It has taken me 18 months to save the money, and I am very nervous so I really help I can get some help. My main use for the pc will be gaming.



My current rig is:


1GB Kingston PC3500

Anthlon 2800+

DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B

ICEQ 9800Pro

2x 36 WD raptors RAID 0

XP Pro

500w PSU

Mitsubishi 93SB


I bought an Antec 180 case and a Seasonic 600w psu. I also plan to keep my Raptors and the CRT monitor. I have now bought:


CP-136-IN Intel Core 2 DUO E6700 "LGA775 Conroe" 2.67GHz (1066FSB) - OEM (CP-136-IN)

£339.95 £339.95


MB-020-DF DFI Infinity 975X (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard (MB-020-DF)

£129.95 £129.95


GX-052-HT HIS ATI Radeon X1900 XT-X ICEQ 3 SILENT Heatpipe 512MB GDDR3 AVIVO TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail (GX-052-HT)

£299.95 £299.95


MY-108-CS Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400C4 TwinX (2x1GB) (MY-108-CS)

£169.95 £169.95


HS-017-AR Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler (Socket 775) (HS-017-AR)

£14.95 £14.95



I plan to build this week. Please please help me with these questions:


1. I want to run the DDr2 in dual channel mode, but I have a dynamic addressing mode. Is this better? Should I run it in this mode?

2. My CPU cooler has a grey rectangle on the contact point, is this a thermal compound? Does this mean I don’t have to apply any?

3. My mb supports DDR2 667. Does this mean my DDR2 800 wont run in it? Can I overclock so it is in sync with the fsb of the cpu?

4. Is SATA2 3.0gb per second? So I have to set my mb at 1.5gb per sec with SATA drives?

5. My Raptors are in RAID 0 array. Sould I format them first or will they get wiped when I put them on a new rig and install RAID again?

6. How do I oc my 6700? Can I change the multiplier?


Bios questions:


1. “Delay prior to thermal” What should that be set at for gaming?

2. Thermal management? What should this be set at for a gaming pc?

3. CIE Function…What is that?

4. Execute disable bit…What is it and what should it be set at?

5. PEG Force x1…What is it and what should it be set at?

6. Should I give my modem a separate IRQ channel? Is so why and what should it be?

7. What is ACPI function and what should it be set to?

8. On page 92 it asks about Audio dongle setting? What is this?

9. IDD HDD block mode…What is it and what should it be?

10. IDE DMA transfer access…What should I be doing here. I just don’t know what the setting is about.



If you are able to help me here I would really appreciate it. I know this is a long post with lost of questions, but I don’t want to mess it up. With my old DFI board I made a mistke in the LAN settings and still haven’t ever got LAN to work properly so helping me out will really be cool.





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Hi I hope these questions will help u out:

1)Not sure about this one

2)The recantgle on the bottom of the heatsink is thermal grease u are able to use that but if you like u can clean it off and replace it with AS5.

3)The board u have got does support DDR 2 800 if u check on the DFI site u will c


4)Sata 2 is 3.gb per second there is no need to change any think in my experience if u plug sata 1 drives into sata 2 connectors on the baord they work just at sata 1 speed.

5) Ok when u plug the new drives intot he board and setup the new raid it will clear the drives for u.

6) Ok in regards to overclocking i would check out the section on overclocking it has helps of usefull information that will help u out with this bios questions

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Thanks for the reply. I have browsed the forums and can't find the thread you refer to regarding my bios questions. Any signposting would be really appreciated.


Also, I see online it says my board supports DDR2 800 and 1066, but on the box and in the manual it says DDR2 533 and 667. Can someone confirm I have bought the right board? I have the DFI Infinity 9675 X/G





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By grey compound do you mean thermal compound if so that doesnt sound right at all because that would mean a fan has fallen off or something. I havent got an intel board but that doesnt sound right

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Are you sure u have the correct model as i haved checked on DFI and that is wat is says and also look intot he bios section this will help heaps

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Hi Happy_games....changed from angry?


Hi. I used to own a dfi Nforce2 board, and mainly bought the Infinity becaus eof the great support I got from you! The boards are great anyway, but the support made the difference.


I am new to the Infinity 975x/g. I have never used Intel before and I wouldn't mind if you could help me out with a couple of quickies and then I will cease to bother you:


I have a matched pair of dimms, how do I know if dual channel is working?


The easy overclock, does it adjust my voltages for me as well?


How do I configure the dual cores to work, say one for the op and one for games?


How do I check the speed my Ram is running at? Also, how do I know what the timings are when they are set to spd, does that mean they will run at 4-4-4-4-12 which my ram is rated as?


There are two pcie16x slots, which one is the best one for a single card? I currently have my card in the slot nearest the cpu.


I also have soem bios questions here:




Your help would really be appreciated. Thanks



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Ok i can c wat u are talking about in the manual it might be a miss print . If it was me i would just stick in the ram and c wat happens it will not damage the ram it will just run at the slower speed.

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Sorry to keep asking questions, just one thing. I have no idea how to tell if my memory is running in dual channel mode, and at what speed. The bios doesnt tell me. Can anyone tell me how to find this out?





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