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Stablity Problems w/ HIS X1900XT

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I upgraded to a HIS X1900XT this past month and the whole time since I've had countless issues and I was hoping someone could help me fix them...


1. Ever since I installed this card I've had some serious system instablities and I'm pretty certain it is related to my GPU. It doesn't matter if the card is run at stock clocks, down clocked, or overclocked and my problems occur both in 3D and 2D applications.


2. The most common problem is that the screen will go blank during a game yet you can still hear sound and do actions (like firing a gun). When this happens I have to reboot the system.


3. The screen will freeze at times and then come back and everything will work fine. (I've also had periods where my character would freeze but the game would go on as normal, but I don't know if this related.)


4. I've gotten vertical green bars the screen that won't go away until I reboot.


5. I've had the screen totally corrupted such that nothing can be read or even distinguished.


6. I know I've seen other errors but these are the most common ones.


I've tried the omega drivers as well of the ATI catalyst 6.5,6.6, and 6.7 drivers too no avail. (Each time the drivers are uninstalled and cleaned with Driver Cleaner Pro.) I've tried 2 different monitors with different DVI cables with the same result and I have tried the system without any overclocking to my CPU. Two different PSU's have also been tried. I've used both the CCC and ATItool with the same results as well. Last but not least I have also tried different RAM incase the memory was causing problems. The only thing that I haven't tried yet is to reinstall Windows which I'm hoping to avoid since re-activitating all of my business software can be a real pain.


Anyone have any ideas of what else I should try?




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My temps are ca. 48 at idle and 2D apps and 60's in 3D apps...Also the card draws ~5A during 2D but when I run a 3D app the current draw is rather erratic bouncing from ~14A all the way to 27.3A according to RivaTuner.



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