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Front panel audio disables rear audio

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I have connected the front panel wires of my case to the following jumper pins on my motherboard (NFII Ultra Infinity) to enable the front panel headphones socket:


Pin 2: Ground -> case wire labelled 'GND'

Pin 5: AuD_R_Out -> case wire labelled 'R OUT' (or similar)

Pin 6: AuD_R_Return -> case wire labelled 'R RET'

Pin 9: AuD_L_Out -> case wire labelled 'L OUT'

Pin 10: AuD_L_Return -> case wire labelled 'L RET'


The other currently unused pins on the motherboard are:

Pin 1: Mic

Pin 3: Mic Power

Pin 4: AuD_Vcc

Pin 7: N.C. (does this mean not connected?)

Pin in position 8 in absent


I have 2 problems:


First is that if I want to connect the front panel microphone socket there are 3 wires labelled 'MIC IN' 'MIC POW' and another 'GND'. The first 2 are obvious but where is the second Ground pin on the motherboard? Would it be safe to solder the headphone and microphone Ground wires together?


But my main problem is that once I have connected up the front panel headphones socket, my 5.1 speakers that are plugged into the rear panel don't work any more! This is the case whether I actually have the headphones plugged in the front or not.


I'm not so bothered about the first issue but the thing about disabling the rear panel audio is p****** me off! Solutions?

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It is most likely a problem with the case wiring. Either the leads are labelled wrong, something is busted, or the case jack is not wired the same way the FrontX jacks are wired.


When you have it hooked up do you get sound out of the headphones?


I'd either test the case leads with a multimeter to try to figure out how it's wired or I'd try plugging the leads in in different combinations to see if I could get it to work.

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