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Video Card Issues and More

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Hey everyone im new to this fourm so i dont know if there is a post like this one or not so forgive me. My video card is active funny and i dont know if its my video card mobo or if its a psu issue. This is what i have running


Ati Radeon x1900xtx

DFI Lanparty UT CFX3200-DR Socket 939 ATI CrossFire Radeon XPRESS 3200

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo 2000MHz

Hiper Type-R 580W Modular Power Supply - that is SLI Certified


Power Input:

Voltage: 100~120VAC

Current: 8/5A

Frequency: 60/50Hz

DC Power Output:


+3.3V: 32A

+5V: 36A

+12V1: 20A

+12V2: 18A

-12V: 0.8A

+5VSB: 2.5A

Sustained Power Output: 560W

Maximum Power Output: 630W


and a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card



Now for the issues. I play World of Warcraft and at times my toon and everyone around me goes black. I can see the armor hair weapons and all the npc's and area around but the skins on the players go black. Also my hard at this point in time gets very hot. I do run the card maxed out in the game but not oc'ed in any way. All my parts are running stock. My computer has rebooted its self and has crashed in the game when i change settings. If the computer crashes and i reboot its fine again so its not a every time issue. The newest problem is my sound is starting to get alot of static or sounds like its all treble and no base. Everything is quiet. The speakers dont have that im blown sound to them at all. Now the video card says its needs 30amps min to run. There was a post put up about not enough power for these video cards. Do you guys think this is my problem and i have fried my video card because of it, or is it a bad video card that is now feeding into my sound card to mess it up? The inside of the case is not hot at all. Please help me I have set up a rma for the video card and I dont want to put in a new one if its my psu. Thanks for any help you can provide to me.

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Guest BFG

You agreed to the rules, now practice them. You need to make a sig before anyone can give you good help.

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Sorry about that guys I do apologise for my lack of reading. My I have had my box for a month now and i havent installed photshop so i have to make my sig text for now, and yes my first post i made gave me some kind of administrator error and i didnt think it would post like it did so i made a second one. Thanks to who ever took it out for me.

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hmm did u use some kind of mod in WOW ?? this problem is very normal when u use some "add" sometimes the graphics just mess up or the sound, if u did that try to desintall the UI or make a "reloadui" that will help.

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