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how to update?

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Can anyone help me In the past I did try to update my current motherboard bios nothing worked out well. Finally after everything was must up I got everthing back as factory. Then after that I did boost my ram to it's current also my x2 4800 to it's 2.5 gig. I don't know how to update to the current bios not as simple as an Asus motherboard. Also the settings in my current bios will they become reset as fare as the the ram settings BECOME LOST? How or what is the best sure way to update to current bios?

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like Playah said do not use a old CMOS reloaded setting with the new bios, you can corrupt your bios


make sure that you flash your bios the proper way


here's what Clay posted a few days ago ...


After you Flash these instructions are very Important.(Kinda' keep ya' from startin' new threads we hope.Hehee....)


Official DFI way for clearing Bios: Always remember to completely power down the board by removing the computer's power cable or the motherboard's ATX power block plug before clearing the CMOS jumper. This is straight from DFI.


Every time you flash to a new bios, it is very important to clear the old BIOS settings out this way:


1. Pull the power supply at the wall.


2. Remove the CMOS battery.


3. Clear the CMOS jumper for a minimum of 30-60 seconds.


4. Replace the CMOS jumper to the normal position.


5. Replace the CMOS battery.


6. Re-connect the power supply at the wall.


7. Boot to the Bios Configuration Screen and load ”Optimized Defaults”.


8. Save and Exit.


9. Boot back to Bios Configuration Screen and change the settings to your liking.

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