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Internet Finally Up After 6hrs.


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Wow have i had a long day. First the refrigerated International truck we have at work to deliver our frozen dough took a crap today. Apparantely the mechanic changed one fuel filter, but not the second one, ended up killing the fuel pump, and leaving $5000 worth of merchandise sitting in the hot So. Cali Sun. We had to pay an extra $500 just to get it towed to the mechanic. What a pain.


Then when I get home the Time Warner Road Runner ppl came by.

The good news is that I have Business class Cable now.

3mps D/l / 768 k U/l!!


The bad news is that it just started working 20 minutes ago. Apparantely there was a confusion with the switchover from residential to business class. Took 6hrs for the transfer. Jeez..


My server is almost complete (Thanks bigred for all your help :ph34r: ).

I am getting my (2) 240's on friday, along with a cdrom, floppy, keyboard and mouse, and my 29320 adaptec u320 scsi adapter.

Will let you guys know the IP address when everything is ready to rock and roll.



I need anyone on here to let me know where i can D/l any DC or CS server management software. Don't know the names of any? I want to have this thing up and running by Saturday or Sunday.

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Man I got good news and bad news.

My antec door already broke - thats the bad news. Apparantley the top cd rom didn't give the door enough clearance and the cheap plastic broke.

Oh well Im not gonna use the door anyways.

I'm gonna post the good news in a separate post ( I want to post another pic but i guess we can't post twice anymore) Is there a way to post two or three pics in one post now??)

Anyhow here is the other post


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