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DFI Infinity Ultra II-M2 (socket AM2) official discussion thread

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Hi guys..Im new to the forms and have some questions...Im about to buy this MOB and wanted to know if i will have any problems with my new setup?Also should i buy a good chipset cooler for this MOB?


Put a signature together with the components you intend to buy so people can steer you clear of trouble...

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won't be any problem I guess...


3000+ Orleans, DFI UltraII-M2, Team Xtreem DDRII-667 CL3


DDR2-1000, CL4-4-4-13-2T @ 2.2V



by the way, I want to know whether DFI motherboards still uses -5v rail?

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Well, I'm getting another from egg. Let's see what happens with this one!


I'm always changing parts so it's hard to tell how long stuff lasts in my case. However 2 weeks was a tad disappointing. Funny thing is - it was running stock! Learn my lesson. NEVER run stock. Your components die faster.

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Guest Dice

My Infinity Ultra II-M2 has been up & running for about 36 hours now, just a couple of points/overview. A few things might be obvious to some people but my last DFI was the 250Gb ;) (it came with bios 08/09/06)


BTW I have upgraded to this mobo from a Gigabyte M55SLI-S4 which lacked a working LDT and sata was unlocked after 240HTT heh


Ultra II-M2 Positives:

- faultless install -> recommended whether OC'ing or not just because of this

- built in speaker (personally handy since my case speaker is stuffed)

- OC / frequency / RAM calculators in bios and on boot screen. Lets you know what resuting speed of CPU & RAM will be while in bios

- BIOS offers CPU, chipset & system fan speed settings

- Quick boot through bios, only appears for like 1 second :)

- Auto LDT

- +12v mobo power next to 24pin ATX is a good location imo


Usual DFI goodies:

- Nice voltage and advanced RAM options

- Smart guardian


Ultra II-M2 Negatives

- CPU fan speed AUTO winds up & down audibly on my Arctic freezer 64 (set to constant speed in bios or smart guardiaw = fine)

- RAM location on the board (between cpu + back panel) gets it slightly warm (not hot) from air off CPU heatsink / PSU vs location on my old gigabyte board where RAM slots were located between cpu and atx power plug. Not really an issue though.

- 'system fan' connector stops powering fan after boot (tried a 80mm and a 92mm fan on it)

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Received new AM2 from RMA. So far so good. Going to be very busy next few days so no time to really OC. Will post new results soon.


Sold the 3k so I'm only left with the 4k X2.

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I replaced the stock x2 3800+ HSF with an Arctic Cooler 64. It now idles around 24C and maxes at 45C. Much better than the prior 29C and 57C respectively.


I also replaced the chipset cooler with the Evercool you guys recommended and now my chipset runs at 46-47C. Prior it ran at 57-59C (but after I installed the Arctic Cooler on the CPU, it went down to 56C and ran there at all times). I used AS5, as I wasn't sure if the Evercool paste it came with was better so I just went with old faithful.


All of the above is on my 3800 x2 OC'd to 2.6.


Btw, I replaced the chipset cooler after reading the online tutorial which I thought was great. Afterwards I watched the video, and a couple of your others, and they are even better - very nicely done. That is some excellent work.


Oh and I'd love to hear hangry's comparison thoughts between the Infinity AM2 and the LanParty AM2

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