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Linux Support for RDX200 and Maybe 3200

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Well, I was bored this past week and decided to give linux another try on my RDX200 mobo. In the past there was no support for this motherboard and I managed to barely get into a distro via a live cd (I think it was SuSE 9.1 eval). When the distro was fully loaded up I checked the hardware listed in lspci and it was apparent that the distro had no clue as to what this hardware was.


So I figured after several months of development that the distro might have new support for hardware, and indeed it did! SuSE 10.1 has support for this mobo but there are still some devices it doesn't understand (I think its just ATI hardware). I know there have been people in the past wanting linux support for this mobo and if you guys are still around your wishes have been answered. I also imagine that later on in the final release of SuSE 11 or other similar distros the support for ATI hardware will become more prevalent due to AMD and ATI merge (or so I hope).


So give your mobo a healthy serving of linux.


If any one has tryied this with the RDX200 or CFX3200 with any other distro please let us know!

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