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DFI Expert, Dual Core and Dual Channel = 3DoD

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I wanted to find people that have a Dual Core, Expert and are 2x prime stable with 2x1024mb (or even 2x512) of any kind of ram.


Please list:

-Mobo: (Expert ONLY and revision if you have it)

-CPU: (dual core's only plz and revision/week code/etc if you have it)

-Memory: (dual channel only plz, 2x1024 or 2x512 and slots)

-Bios rev:



Original Thread Dual Core and Expert Problems...


3DoD - 3 dots of [memory] death...For those wondering...



People that are having trouble:



DFI Soldier Join Date: Nov 2004

Location: Calgary, Canada

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i have the same problem with my expert board as well. once i upgraded to a X2 3800+, i cant boot with 2gigs in the orange slots , i used the yellow slots to get the computer working.


darkuchi Offline

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Location: Missouri

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Can anyone PLEASE post some DRAM / Mobo timings that could work for me? DEfault settings are unstable and i am a noob in this area


AMD 64 X2 3800+ ATHLON 64 939

OCZ Plat Rev2 512X2 PC3200

1 x Maxtor 200GB SATA

1 x eVGA 7800GT 256MB PCI Express SLI

Thermaltake Soprano Case

Windows XP Pro SP2


Knob Offline

Overclock till it Ignites Join Date: Mar 2005

Location: Australia

Posts: 181

i have similar probs with my expert board. Thank goodness i read this post before making another unnecessary one. I am running the following rig. I could get it to POST but i cannot install windows. Let me try moving it to the orange slots 2nite and see whether that helps. Current it is in the yellow slots. I am using 2 x 512 MB G.skill 4800FF.


Roger_D25 Offline

Overclocking Wanabe Join Date: Nov 2005

Location: New Hampshire

Posts: 153

Hey Knob,

I'm don't remember if I have posted here about this but when I first got me Expert I had the same exact problem. I could post and get into BIOS but as soon as I started to load Windows it would freeze up and just stay at the first screen of Windows loading. I hate to admit it but I tried everything for two whole days and I mean everything. Different BIOS versions, I built, rebuilt, and rebuilt again my RAID Array, tried different HDD's, unplugged everything but CPU, graphics card, HDD and keyboard and nothing helped. Then two days later when I was completly bummed and ready to RMA my board I decided to swich my single 512MB TCCD modules from the first yellow slot (Furthers away from CPU, to the first orange slot. Well I couldn't believe it, Windows started loading. I was so happy even though that probably should have been one of the first things I did! Keep us posted on your progress!

DFI nf4 SLI-DR Expert (E704-2BT)

Opty 148 (CACJE) 2.86Ghz @ 1.47v

Mushkin Redline XP4000 911440 @ 260Mhz at 2-2-2-8 1T

eVGA 7900GT (SS) 650/1780 H20

Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS

2x Maxor HDD's (RAID 0 Array)

On-Lite DVD-ROM, CD-RW Optical Drive

Antec Neo Power 480w PSU



Same problem here...


Bios rev 0406

3800+ x2 manchester BH-E4 CDBHE 0531 TPMW

160gb raptor (boot disk...in second of four slots)

dvd burner (ide...)

1x6800GT xfx

sparkle pwr fsp550-60plg sli

2x1024 2 3 2 8 OCZ Gold 3200 2.8v (good to about 230fsb 1:1 when paired with the 3500+)

and swapped in

2x1024 2 3 2 5 OCZ EL Plat 3200 2.8v (good to about 250fsb 1:1 when paired with the 3500+)

I had my 3500+ in there previously with my 2x1024 2 3 2 8 OCZ Gold 3200 sticks...which was great up to about 230. The highest i tested it with prime was mem bus 225 on a divider, sitting around 2.7ghz. (Chk out my link it rox my sox =D i'm such a dork)

Anyway, i had the 3800+ in my asus premium board, and i'm using the dfi (or i'd like to heh) as my main now, so i swapped it over...To the welcome of a DFI 3 dot memory error of death... So, I left just one in the 3rd slot...orange (going away from the cpu) and it booted fine. I rebooted and tried the same sticks in the same slots again. 3 dots. So i reset the bios, rebooted... 3 dots... took the first stick out of the orange slot (closest to the cpu). Booted right up. Tried extra voltage with 2, tried less, tried more on the cpu...tried combinations...Tried different timings...different dr str's and max latency and read preable...Then i tried the yellow slots. Booted right up...And bsod'd windows, corrupting the boot disk. Woot. Thats when i began crying. So i went back to one memory stick, and repaired my windows boot files...booted in to windows without issue (1 stick in). Then i brought down my 3rd system, an epox something or other which had my ocz 2 3 2 5 ocz el plat 3200's in it. And swapped in that memory (2x1024). Same problem. I didn't try everything (notably not using the yellow slots again...grr), but i retried everything i could think of.

I have some ch-5 2x512 and some 2x512 tccd i could swap in if you guys want...for testing.


Original Thread

DFI Expert, OCZ EB PC4000 platinum and DualCore


I've just gotten a DFI expert board, and can't seem to get my ocz eb platinum pc4000 sticks to play nicely with my dual core

when i first set up the expert, i flashed to the latest official bios, put my memory in the orange slots, plugged in an opteron 146 and everything was great. it booted up and allowed me to overclock quite easily

my problems started when i swapped the opteron for an X2 4400. at first it wouldn't boot , so i tried swapping my memory around in the slots.

eventually i found i could only boot with a single stick of memory in either of the furthest slots from the cpu. so using a single stick i tried to set up the timings and voltages, exit the bios, turn off the pc and insert the second stick.

no matter what timings or voltages i use, the pc either hangs with 3 red leds lit, or tries to load windows, but stops on a blank screen (or a faded windows loading screen)

after about an hour of playing with the memory settings i found it will boot with both sticks in the yellow slots if i set the command rate to 2T

i've tried OCZTony's settings for these sticks (nice relaxed timings) in the expert board, but it will not boot unless i use 2T even at 200MHz

i have previously had these sticks running at 255MHz 1:1 at 1T with this same CPU in an SLI-D board, and this is kinda baffling me

what could it possibly be???

and help, tips, or advice would be really appreciated, as i am losing a lot of performance running like this


mpegripper Offline

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Location: Santa Clara

Posts: 22

i am also having the exact same problem with the hardware in my sig

trying to find out with revision of the board i have

anyone know, i don't see anything that says revision B by the first pci-e slot

DFI Lanparty UT nf4 Expert bios 11/2/2005

2x1gb ocz platinum with eb pc4000

x2 3800+

audigy 4

evga 7800gt with vf-700

seasonic s12 600w

nec 3540a

zalman cnps-9500




Working Dual Core and Expert with 2x1024MB





chitwang Offline

DFI Rookie Join Date: Dec 2005

Location: East

Posts: 9

I've running my sig system with no probs.

When I first set up the system I left all the mem settings in Auto/Default. No probs on initial boot with those settings.

If all your stuff works flawlessly in another board.............



DFI Expert (12/07)

FX 60

1GBx2 OCZ Plat EB 4000


Gigabyte 7800GTX

X-Fi Fatality

Seasonic S-12 600

2x 74 Raptors (Raid 0)

2x 300 Maxline III's

500 Deskstar

Koolance Exos 2


Tecklord Offline

DFI Wizard Join Date: Mar 2005

Location: IL.

Posts: 57

I was running a single core then upgraded to an X2 myself. I had to up my voltage to run stable. What I can see in your post is your running at 1.32 volts, try upping the volts to 1.400 with a 110% above and see how it runs. I had to set mine to 1.450 with a 110% to get my OCZ PC4000 running smooth.


AMD 64 X2 4800+ ATHLON 64 939 2.6 Ghz

GOLD OCZ VX 2x1024 DDR500 PC4000

3 x Western Digital Raptor WD360GD Sata Raid 0

2 x Maxtors 250GB 16mb Cache Pata

2 x Western Digital 320 Gig 16mb Cache Sata

1 x eVGA 7900GT KO 256MB PCI Express

Thermalright XP-90 With Arctic Silver 5

1 x Dell 2005FPW 20.1 LCD DVI Span

1 x Dell 2007FPW 20.1 LCD DVI Span

Thermaltake W0049 Silent Purepower 680W

Thermaltake XaserIII Case


Lite-On LTR 52327S CD-RW

Windows XP Pro SP2

Nvidia 84.20

6.70 Unified

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For an easier cut and paste for timings and voltage...


CPU Multiplier

CPU VID Startup Value

CPU VID Control

CPU VID Special Control

Actual Voltage

Chipset Voltage Control

LDT Voltage




Memory FSB

Memory Voltage

Mem Percentage

Mem and Ratio













Odd Div or Twcl

Dram B Interleave

DQS Skew

DQS Skew Val


DRAM Data Dr Str

Max Async Lat

Dram Response Time

Read Premable Time

idlecycle limit

dynamic counter

r/w queue bypass

bypass max

32 byte granularity

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I should have a 3800 X2 to play with this afternoon. I'll see what I come up with and post back in this thread.

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-Mobo: eXpert (original BIOS)

-CPU: AMD 64 Athlon X2 4400 (sorry, no at home)

-Memory: G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR 500 (PC 4000)

-Bios rev: stock BIOS

-Timings/Voltage: (sorry not at home, but mostly stock)


Err, sorry, not much info for you there. I am running at stock for most everything with no tweaks or updates (to hardware), but this definitely says something about the situation. My eXpert seems to love my dual-core and my G.Skill dual channel memory, without any teaking what-so-ever.

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Sorry for the lack of details on my settings, but if a setting was changed, it's in my sig. Everything else is default settings. Dual Prime stable for 10 hours; original BIOS.

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Never had a problem using HZ, EB and Redline memory with 165/170 Opterons in my Expert boards.

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Thx for the responses. It's good to see that not everyone is having problems. Helps me think/hope i can fix it myself.


Do you have any suggestions? I've spent days working with this bios with my 3500+, but it won't even boot at stock (after resetting the bios) with either 2gb set i have with the 3800+ x2. I'm currently running with 1 stick in the 3rd slot at stock timings and voltage. And i'm at work right now so i'll have to wait until i get home to fool around with it.



(and i went through the database and linked the one that had a dual core on a expert...that was one of the first places i looked before making this thread)

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no problems here old revision of board (temp offset +10) to correct,.


1.8v at 255 or default 1.8 at 200 extreem black 2g mushinkin ram

4/6/2006 bios (current) ram in orange)

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Expert/ 406 bios

3800 X2 (stepping coming)

2 X 1024 G.Skill HZ


CPU Multiplier = X10

CPU VID Startup Value = Startup

CPU VID Control = 1.35

CPU VID Special Control = 109.6%

Actual Voltage = 1.47

Chipset Voltage Control = 1.52

LDT Voltage = 1.2


CPU Mhz = 2680

FSB = 268

Memory FSB = 268

Memory Voltage = 2.6

Mem Percentage

Mem and Ratio = 200 1:1

CPC = Enabled

Tcl = 3.0

Trcd = 4

Tras = 8

Trp = 4

Trc = 8

Trfc = 16

Trrd = 2

Twr = 2

Twtr = 2

Trwt = 3

Tref = 3120

Odd Div or Twcl = Disabled

Dram B Interleave = Enabled

DQS Skew = Auto

DQS Skew Val = 0

DRAM Dr Str = Level 5

DRAM Data Dr Str = Level 2

Max Async Lat = 8ns

Dram Response Time = Normal

Read Premable Time = 5.5

idlecycle limit = 256

dynamic counter = Disabled

r/w queue bypass = 16X

bypass max = 7x

32 byte granularity = 4 bursts


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