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Guest Tmod_merged

Tmod's Bios Chip Giveaway

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Guest Tmod

The contest has closed.


The final winners are (Drum roll please)


Chocobo55 with 555

Dreadd with 603


The number I picked was 573


Thanks to all that participated and congrats to the winners.


Winners please send me a PM with your mailing address as well as what motherboard and bios you would like the chip for.





Here we go again,


The last bios chip giveaway went well so it is time to do it again.


The contest is for two bios chips, one bios chip for each winner.


Maximum number of winners is two


I will cover all costs for the bios chip including postage.


You will have to pick a number between 1 & 1000 (I have sent the winning number to soundx98 to keep this on the up and up).


The two members that pick the number or are the closest will win one chip each.


If more then two people select the winning number the members who posted first will get the chips.


I would advise to check all of the previous guess’s to make sure the one you want hasn’t been picked more then twice.


This contest will run until August 19th 2006 @ 5:00PM PST


Good Luck To All Of You!!!!


EDIT: You can only enter the drawing once!! No multiple numbers or posts will be accepted.



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Well, the number "***" is coming through loud and clear!


Look at the post above yours :P


Must have hit him louder and clearer!!!

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