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The Coolest

"Core Temp" - monitor temps on K8s and Core/2 CPUs (updated

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Well i was searching ITE Smart Guardian. to find out if there's one that reads Duel core temps. ran into core temp tread first. got to first page and seen a new ver out :D so me downloaded it and HEY its not showing tcasemax or TPD so i make a pic showing the two ( Don't try and run two vers at same time :D) trust me lol. So did they get this fixed? And does anyone know if there's a ITE Smart Guardian for Duel core?

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There is no doubt that TheCoolest has done some excellent work on the CoreTemp program. Kudos to the man.

But the program may not be 100% accurate with 939 and earlier CPUs.

From the 3rd Post in this thread:


Hello guys.

First of all I want to make something clear:

This feature was unofficial until the RevF AM2 CPUs, so I wouldn't take all readings you get from older chips as granted, as the DTS* could be off or not callibrated properly, I've seen a lot of dual core chips where the temp difference between the cores would be like 12C, and one of them would report sub-ambient temps :D


I think that in the majority of cases it is pretty much accurate, though.


Regarding how it calculates temperature on AMDs, Intel complicated things quite a bit with their chips, AMD kept it pretty straight forward. Just read a value from a register, substruct 49 from that value and you have the temperature in C.

The temperature can range between -49 and 206C, at least in Rev F. I don't know if in earlier chips its the same, but I'm assuming it is.


Another thing I noticed, sometimes, in sub-zero temperatures it'd show much lower temps than what MBM5 and the likes report, I don't know which of the two programs is more accurate, but it is possible that the DTS loses its accuracy when temps get really low.


*DTS = Digital Thermal Sensor.

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Version 0.95.4 - 22nd August, 2007

- Fix: Core Temp causes restarts/BSODs on start.

- Fix: Core Temp causes hard shutdowns on some AMD systems.

- Fix: System tray icons are black squares on less than 32bit desktops.

- Fix: Some other minor bugs fixed.


- Add: Support new Intel CPUs.

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Version 0.96 - 31st December, 2007


- Add: System tray icons configuration.

- Add: Support for Intel's latest CPUs.

- Add: ClearType font support.

- Add: TimeDate column to the log file.

- Add: Always on top option.


- Fix: Core Temp does not proprerly display temperature and CPU select fields.

- Fix: Log file layout.

- Fix: HideShow does not properly MinimizeRestore window.

- Fix: Core code names aren't properly detected. (Intel)

- Fix: IncorrectMissing CPU rating when not using stockmaximum multiplier. (Intel)

- Fix: Wrong CPU clock is reported when using EISTnon-maximum multiplier. (Intel)

- Fix: Wrong detection of Merom based CPUs.

- Fix: Single core Athlon 64s and Semprons reading -49C constantly. (Rare)

- Fix: C2D M0 rev. report very low temperatures. (Tjmax to 100C)

- Fix: Layout and display of tool tip text in the system tray. (Now shows a core per line)


- Change: Log the start and end of a session even if logging is disabled.

- Change: Settings and Systray settings windows appear in center of main window.

- Change: Rename "Tjunction" field to "Tj. Max" to make things clearer.


Happy new year to everyone :)

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Nice Christmas present you give us. Thanks for the continued support.

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Version 0.96.1 - 15th January, 2008


- Add: Support for *Phenom and "Barcelona" Opteron.

- Add: Support all K8 processors.

- Add: Support Intel Celeron M 500 series.


- Fix: Wrong CPU speed on Intel ES chips.

- Fix: Fix M0 Tjunction max detection.

- Fix: Intel QX6850 CPU's rating shown as QX6650.

- Fix: Intel E6550 CPU's rating shown as E6650.

- Fix: Intel Celeron M 400 series detected incorrectly.

- Fix: AMD Opteron for Socket AM2 reported as Santa Rosa instead of Santa Ana.


*Please read this.

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Version 0.97 - 5th March, 2008


- Add: Vista x64 support - All drivers are now digitally signed!

- Add: Logitech G15 keyboard support - see ReadMe!.txt for details.

- Add: Support 45nm LGA775 Xeon series.


- Fix: Opaque background in system tray wasn't 16x16 pixels.

- Fix: Yonah based CPUs incorrectly detected.

- Fix: 1333FSB Dual Core Conroe based Xeon incorrectly detected.

- Fix: Dreaded cycle of "Driver can't load" messages if driver failed to load.

- Fix: Socket AM2 Athlon-FX was not recognized.


- Change: Core Temp layout on a Phenom.

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Version 0.97.1 - 7th March, 2008


- Fix: Phenom did not display proper temperature.

- Fix: Phenom randomly reports 255C (value ignored).

- Fix: Phenom displays more than a single system tray icon per CPU.

- Fix: Phenom 1/4 multipliers rounded improperly.


- Change: C° and F° now will display °C and °F accordingly.

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Version 0.98 - 23rd April, 2008


- Fix: Core Temp sometimes crashes when another program tries to access the log file. - Still needs further testing.


- Add: Show load percentage per core.

- Add: Adjustable Tj.Max value via *.INI file.

- Add: Option to start Core Temp with Windows.

- Add: Support new Intel Mobile processors


- Change: Maximum logging interval is now 99999ms instead of 9999ms.

- Change: Log file layout. Shows current temperature, highlow temperature, core load, CPU speed.

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