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Mint PS2, looking for DL DVD burner and WC3

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I have a PS2, with all cables, and two controllers.

Comes with all cables, and memory card...


Also included are 7 games, one of the included is


Gran Turismo 4 (9.5)


Winback Covert Operations (7.3)

Armored Core 2 Anotherage (7.8)

Extermination (6.9)

Kessen (8.1)

Freekstyle (8.2)



Would like to trade for DL DVD burner and Warcraft III, plus a little extra money or something...

or 100 Shipped (OBO)


Or offer something else.


I don't have any feedback for this forum, but I do for a paintball forum, since I also an avid paintballer.




Another Controller isn't in Picture


Yeah, it's a bit dusty, but there's nothing an airduster can't fix.


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