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FS: Entire System. Help Me With Selling Price Please!


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For Sale:


Full Working Computer, Zero Issues. I'm going to need a laptop for school and will be selling the desktop to get a MacBook Pro. Please Help Me Setup A Price For This Amazing Piece Of Machinery!


Motherboard: DFI Ultra-D

CPU: AMD Opteron 170 CCBWE 0609 FPAW (Ive had it clocked as high as 2.8ghz stable on air)

Ram: 2gb GSKILL PC4000

GPU: 7900GT Volt-Modded

Case: Lian Li PC-65B

PSU: OCZ GameXStream 600w

HD's: 2 x 80g RAID 0 (wiped clean, no OS)

Optical Drive: Pioneer DVD+-RW SILENT

Monitor: BenQ 20" Widescreen Display

Keyboard: Logitech G15

Cooling: Thermaltake Big Typhoon, Evercool VC-RE Chipset Fan


Pics: (let me know if these dont work. theyre from my myspace page. you MAY have to login, i dunno)





As you can see, everything is sleeved uv yellow. the computer runs great, zero issues.


help me setup a price. thanks.



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Other than Null's god advice and reading THunDA's and Happy's thousghts in the For Sale Section sticky's, posts like this always seem to violate our "No Auctions" rule eventually.


www.amdmd.com (pcper) has a section called "What is it worth"


I'd suggest posting there.


I'm closing this thread although I understand your intentions are good.

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