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NF3 Ultra D & Video cards

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Has anyone had any problems with video cards and there Ultrad D? I had a 6800 Ultra AGP and I thought the Video card went bad. I then intalled a X800GTO VC and I'm having same issues. All the symptoms of a bad VC. I'm wondering if it could be the AGP slot . Has anyone else encountered these kinds of issues?

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When switching from geForce to ATi, did you use DC Pro to clean up all the rogue, driver, prefetch and registry entries before installing your new ATi card?


When you switched cards did you do a full fresh format and Windows reinstall?


What version ATi drivers are you trying?


What is your AGP voltage set to in BIOS?


Are fastwrites enabled or disabled?


Checked your power supply at idle and under load using a digital multimeter?


Exactly what problems are you experiencing? No boot? Lagging, stuttering? Poor picture quality?


Have you tried a different VGA or DVI cable?


Please answer the questions above and we may have a better chance of helping you out.



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