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Teach Me A Thing Or Two

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Hey Everyone I have an asus p4b266 board w/p4 1.8

and G force 4 4200 ti. Running XP as the OS


So Teach me the best way to overclock my system and the best cooling.

(Note I have A Y's Tech 120mm on top 2 80 mm on the back 2 80mm in the front and anothter on the side blowing out.


So Whats Word?


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The way I go about OCing my systems is just upping the FSB...


I normally take it about 5 notches at a time, and then run my system for a few hours to a day, then up it some more...


When you reach an unstable point, you can either drop the FSB 1 notch at a time, or try upping the vcore...


For cooling, the best would be N2... but that's not recomended... next would probably be H2O, which can be dangerous for your PC as well as expensive... then there is pelter, which is good, but can also introduce some possible hazards... Safest and easiest way to cool is air flow... bring cool air on to the mobo, proc, and cards, and take it out through the top of the case and PS...


Noticed your side blows out... you may want to experiment with the side blowing in, and see which works better for ya...


Also, a good HSF is always a plus... I like the Swiftec with either a delta or volcano fan... only problem is they tend to be a lil noisy till you adjust to them... next in line would probably be the TT products... then numerous others...


Also remember, as you OC and add fans and whatever, your gonna increase the nead for power.... depending on your PS, you may want to look into getting something larger... I like 450W and larger PSs :)


Good luck...

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