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Heeeelp.. best way to recover my data?? $20 reward

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I'm in quite a pickle here.


My setup really has 2 volumes,


C: (single 100gb maxtor) XP64

E: (2x WD Raptors in Raid 0 using onboard raid) XP PRO SP2


I normally use the E: volume 99% of the time. Today, the NTOSKRNL got corrupted (safe mode or restore last good config doesn't work).


So I boot up in XP64.. which does NOT see the raid volume. I tried installing the latest NVRAID XP64 drivers which tells me "Cannot Install this Hardware", installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.


I just need to be able to see the volume so I can copy a lot of VERY important files off it.


I will paypal $20 to the person with the first working response..


Thanks guys

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Guest caffeinejunkie

# Insert the Microsoft Windows XP CD into the computer. Note: If you have a system recovery CD or restore CD these steps will likely not work for your computer.

# Reboot the computer with the CD and press any key when prompted to press any key to boot from the CD.

# Once in the Microsoft Setup menu press R to open the recovery console.

# Select the operating system you wish to use; if you only have Windows XP on the computer you will only have one prompt.

# Once prompted for the password enter the Admin password and press enter.

# Once at the command prompt type bootcfg /rebuild to start the rebuild process.

# The rebuild process will step you through a number of steps depending upon how many operating systems you have on the computer and how the computer is setup. Below is a listing of the common steps you are likely going to encounter.


* Prompt for the identified versions of Windows installed. When you receive this prompt press Y if the bootcfg command properly identified each of the Windows operating systems installed on the computer. It is important to realize this command will only detect Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT installations.


* Prompt to enter the load identifier. This is the name of the operating system for the boot.ini. For example, Microsoft Windows XP Home users would enter "Microsoft Windows XP Home edition".


* Prompt to Enter OS load options. When this prompt is received type /fastdetect to automatically detect the available options.


# Once you have completed all the available options in the rebuild and are back at the prompt type exit to reboot the computer.

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You can try repairing the installation by booting from the CD and going into the repair console, 50/50 shot. Another option is to find another drive install windows 32 with the F6 drivers. It will give you access to your files.


Pick up a copy of Acronis True Image. $25 at the egg. Works perfect with arrays.

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Obviously, you are in a bind.

I would try instaling XP SP2 on the C: drive. Do you have anything on C: besides the X64, If not then just install both on separate partitions loading the raid driver when you do then I believe you should be able to access the RAID.


If you have a bootable rescue cd such as 'Barts CD' it would be simple. Most likely the RAID drive is already corrupt and there is no data to save. You could probably build a Rescue CD using the C: drive. Google for BARTS CD or The Ultimate CD.

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