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TMPGEnc slowish encoding, is it normal?


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Ok I am using the rig I have in my profile. I have a lot of anime in .avi divx format that I want to make into a dvd. My process is I use TMPGEnc XPress to convert the .avi divx files to mpeg 2, then put those mpeg files in an authoring program and burn the disk. Now this works fine and all but I noticed something.


Since this was a large project (dragonball z is 290 or something episodes) I had contracted a few of my friends computers to convert as well. One of them has a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz Prescott. Per episode she is averaging 7-9minutes, while I'm averaging 14-20 minutes.


I had always thought it was a fact that Pentium 4s were better at video, but that just seems kinda high to me. I didn't set any special settings or anything, I just set the output format and let it have at it. Any ideas if this is normal, how or how to speed this up? Any help will be appreciated!

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