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New rig harddrive problem, pulling my hair out.


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:) I need to know how to make a partition on an already windows installed drive, Im using the drive for a new computer and it has all my files on it etc and I need to know how to install windows through a partition again on the same drive so I can install the components of the new computer properly. By the way windows does load into safemode on the new computer using the harddrive. Everything is different in this computer so many things do not work obviously and this is why Im wanting to make the partition and install windows on it, install the motherboard etc drivers and then, bring my files over from the original C: to the partition and then delete the originals that were on C:


In short, I have C: of 160gb and what I want is C:100gb and say G:60gb so I can install windows on G: plus all the new parts and drivers and bring over some of my files from C:

Thanks :confused:

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