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Dying Phase/PWM on DFI Ultra-D

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First off, sorry for the novel I wrote :P


A whiles back my DFI Ultra-D (rev AB0 btw) was making this strange noise. Through this thread (found here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...?t=43057&page=1) we deduced that it was a noisy inductor or something of that sort. I RMA'ed the motherboard but after DFI tested it, nothing out of the ordinary was found so they shipped it back to me. When I received the Ultra-D back, I tested it and to my dismay the noise was still there. I decided to put the motherboard to the side and stick with my Expert which I had bought to hold me over during the RMA process. Weary that my Expert may not be overclocking my new CPU/Memory as high as it could I swapped back out to my Ultra-D figuring that the small noise would be insignificant if I could achieve better clocks. I soon found out that the noise was back and worse than before. I figured that my powersupply could be the factor, especially after upgrading to an X2 and a X1900XTX so I decided to do some of my own troubleshooting. I took the X1900XTX, my Audigy 2ZS, my 250G drive, my PVR-250, my DVD-RW drive and all unnecessary fans out of my case to eliminate the power factor. For my video card I slapped in a measly MX440SE PCI. I started up my computer, installed the drivers and ran Diablo 2 (which is one of the programs that makes the noise get loud, 3DMark05/06 also makes this happen, and the frames oddly stutter to the beat of the noise LOL:eek: ). To my dismay the noise was still there. With few objects in my case I took the casings of two pens taped together and hovered around the motherboard with it in my ear to figure out exactly where the noise was coming from. After much searching I narrowed it down to the PWM/Phase chip in the middle of the three by to the right of the CPU socket. After shutting down my system I touched the chip and it was burning hot. My case has good airflow so this surprised me. I decided to rig up a 92mm fan blowing directly on top of the phase/problematic area. I started the computer back up and the noise still occurs. This eliminated the aspect of the chip overheating, but I have heard that certain chips (like PWM's on X1900XTXs and 7900GT/Xs) that get too hot and overheat begin to create noises such as this. I am sorry for the long post, but I am wondering if there are any steps that I can take to possibly fix this? Thanks!

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