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SATA DVD-RW doesn't work

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I have a IDE BenQ DW1620 drive with an IDE to SATA adapter connected to one of the Sil3114 SATA ports on my motherboard but I can't see the drive in Windows. The drive isnt listed in Disk Management under Computer Manager either. I have the Sil3114 set to SATA in BIOS and I've tried using both the SATARAI5 Driver and also the Windows IDE driver for the Sil3114 and neither work.


I don't understand why it doesn't work. Both the Silicon Image support page and the documentation that came with the adapter (which apparently uses the Sil3611 chip) state that they support DVD drives. I haven't tried connecting it to one of the nForce4 SATAII ports because they are all occupied at the moment. I'm using the adapter becuse I wanted to get rid of all the IDE cables in my case.


I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2.


edit: This is the first time I'm using the 3114 SATA ports so I don't if they would work with regular SATA HDD's.

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Guest Kobalt

Remember, the adapter needs power to the adapter itself via 3.5" floppy power, AND the drive itself needs to be powered via normal 4 pin molex connector.


I have done this before with a plextor optical drive, and it works fine.

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