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Best defrag software?



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    • Diskeeper
    • O & O
    • Perfect Disk
    • System Mechanic
    • Norton Speed disk
    • "the one that comes with windows"
    • other (please post below)

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O&O Defrag.




* Complete Automation with O&O OneButtonDefrag

* Special support for Notebooks

* Defragmentation requiring only 5% free disk space

* Functionality with hard disks and partitions of all sizes

* 100% file and data secure due to the usage of Microsoft Windows API

* Screen Saver Mode for efficient and convenient optimization

* 64-bit version available

* Automatic Background Defragmentation

* Five different defragmentation methods

* Effortless remote administration with O&O TrueRemoteControl (Server Edition)

* O&O Defrag Network Management for integrated software distribution and administration on the network (Server Edition)

* Compatible with all server variations of Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT 4 (Server Edition)

* STEALTH Technology for optimal defragmentation of hard disks of all sizes

* Integrated support of Microsoft Active Directory Services and administration of secure communication through TCP/IP (Server Edition)

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"the one that comes with Windows"


Not since the dark days of 340MB hard drives, DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1 have I ever noticed an increase in performance from defragging. I don't do it that often.

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I’m confused. The poll is “ Best defrag software”, but in your first post you ask “what do you use to clean out those pesky fragmented files”. So, which is it? Are you asking for our opinions on what “we” think is the best defrag software our there, or are you asking what we use?


I use Norton Speed Disk, and have been using it since Win 3.1 and Norton Desktop. I’ve not used any other, except the Windows version which is slower than molasses. Do I think it is the best? I don’t know. Maybe not. Since XP came out, it doesn’t seem to do as good of a job, and lacks a lot of details that earlier versions had. So, since I’m not going to say it is the best and haven’t used any other defrag software, there is no answer in the poll for me to click on.


I’m posting so I can watch this thread to see what people think of other software. I heard good things about Diskeeper on another forum, but I don’t really want to invest the money when I already have Norton Speed Disk, however, I am interested enough in the subject to keep an eye out for something that would definitely be an improvement over Speed Disk.

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