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Lanparty NF3 Ultra D BIOS and Booting issues

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I've had my NF3 mobo for about 6 months. It's always been a bit buggy at, although perfectly stable in Windows.

The main issues is saving settings in the BIOS. When I first got the mobo and connected all my hard disks, it would only boot from SATA 2 and 3. I upgraded the BIOS to 7/11 which fixed that problem, but if I changed the boot order for the hard disks, after I saved the change and rebooted. The computer would hang and a completely blank screen - no POST beap codes at all. The only way I could get it to boot was to physically clear the BIOS, make the bios changes (execpt hard disk boot order) and save. I had to physically move the hard disks to different sata ports to get the correct disk to boot. It has been working fine until now. I installed some new ram (1Gb Patriot PDC1G3200LLK) and went into the BIOS just to check it was being seen. I noticed that the bios time was out a few minutes, so I changed it. Then the blank screen problem happened again. With the same solution - clear the bios to get it to boot, but now I can't make any changes in BIOS. Not even the time! The new ram works fine (memtest86 ok) and the system is still stable in Windows - I have never had a blue screen.


Can any help?



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If you are doing any overclocking you should use SATA ports 3&4 on the nf3 Ultra-D board. SATA ports 1&2 are not locked. Check this thread, it may get you started.




You should also check out this thread that may help you with the dorked SATA, BIOS, changing clock time save settings weirdness.




See if this helps :rolleyes:

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