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SVC.com Hot Deals for early July!


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Ok...so it has been a while I know, but SVC.com finally sent me another little bit on what specials they are having.



First thing, always try the coupon code: MAXPCJULY


it should still work for a good 5% discount on your entire order. It has been working since May (MAXPCMAY, MAXPCJUNE, etc), and it worked for me today:




heh...I ordered a bunch of stuff yay!!! $200.00 worth of crap grrrrr....but I needed it yay!!!






Here's the deals for this month, but always remember that SVC.com is highly respected for their great prices on modding/cooling supplies. They have a great selection, and they are almost always cheaper than newegg on most cooling items.


Plus, when you use the links from here at DFI-Street, it benefits DFI-Street (helps us pay the bills here, and will help get some prize items/giveaways at some point).



Anyway, here's the top deal so far, the STC-T01-UBK @ $110.99 after $15.00 mail-in rebate...this case...well...just search the Modifications/Cooling section about this case...






this thing is huge...may not look so big in pics, but it is BIG and it is (in my honest opinion) the best case there is for watercooling. It is steel, and heavy, but that just makes it more durable ;)





Also this month is the newest Thermalright SI-128 Aluminum Heatpipe CPU Cooler for AMD K8 and Intel LGA775 @ $49.99.


I am waiting on one of these from Thermalright, but it has to be at least as good as the SI-120 and XP-120, and I would assume better since it is newer and that usually means they've improved it over the old version (though any of us with XP/SI Thermalright coolers already know there's not a lot that needs improving!).

















Again, be sure to use the links in my sig, or just begin by using this link:





so that DFI-Street benefits


Anyone else who has ordered from SVC, please leave your comments for others as some users are a little nervous to try a new place to order from, and need some assurance that it is a respectable, quality online retailer ;)

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I will...SVC is a very good place to shop at..They have a fast turn around time so you get your purchased items as quick as posible. I have bought quite a few things there before I came to dfi-street and I have been rather impressed with their service as well as pricing...The monthly deal are awesome..you can really save a bundle...


Go ahead check the place out...you're not really doing anything else if you reading this..so click the link and browse a bit....

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I put that order in, and within an hour after my post, they already sent me a tracking # for UPS lol...already boxed up and ready to ship.


Don't take this as what will happen every time, but SVC is really a good place. They are the only online retailer that I partner with for a reason (other than newegg and I are a conflict of interest since they sell DFI hardware)

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Its really too bad that they dont ship to Canada, im really interested in one of those Stackers. Great deals!


EDIT: Just looked on NCIX, they usually have pretty good prices around here, but they have that case for $197 CAD :eek:

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Another nice thing about SVC is that they ship priority mail which delivers 6 days a week instead of just 5 days a week...I recieved my OCZ 700W GX on Monday and I ordered on Friday -- Same sort of turn around as you get with overnight deliver if you ordered from newegg on a friday but a heck of a lot cheaper.



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You now have the same case as another Hoosier...


It's a HUGE case..I paid 160 shipped for mine, but mine included the Crossflow fan (specifically designed for the Stacker), 2 - 4 in 3 bays, 5 fans, 2 Sunbeam Rheobus fan controllers...


Also, get the case window!!! It makes it look f'in beautiful!



SVC is the place to shop! They have great deals on many things, I have used them for, well, I think since they've been open. I have even called there to check on my order, and the lady went out and got the actual part for me herself!! Can't get that from anywhere else!

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Dear SVC Inquirer,




Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship to locations outside of the United States. We only ship within the U.S.A. Feel free to contact me back if you have any further questions or concerns, thank you.




:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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fixed your post Brion to put the SVC/DFI-Street link in there


for anyone that cares, if you link to SVC, please use the following link:




and then add the product page at the end with a +




the CM Stacker in Brion's post =




so the product page for this would be:





to use the DFI-Street partner link, just put the link I gave you before it, and add a + to the end:




or you can make it the cool links like I like to do:


CoolerMaster Stacker @ $99 w/Mail-In Rebate!

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