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repeated reboots after rma

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i came back frm rma-ing my dfi ultra D to repair the northbridge hsf and flash the latest bios so that i could run experiments on the coldbug thingy.



i emptied the water in the watercooling kit and replaced it with ethanol and propanol and i placed the rad in a plastic tank with dry ice without the fans. the idea is to see waht temps does my 170 coldbug. but problem is, the moment it booted into windows and tehre;s this scrolling of the bar, it always stops at the same position and simply reboots


currently using stock settings.


i even tried various boot modes(safe mode, safe with network prompt., etc) but still didnt work


attached is the pic of my setup.






all connections checked and found to be ok.


another thing i noticed is that the bios version of the board i got back, was supposed to be the latest for ultra d, turns out to be a much earlier version(june2005) than the 1 i originally had(nov2005)!

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Guest caffeinejunkie

Have you tried clearing the CMOS and then loading optimized defaults? You wont get far with that cpu with everything on auto....

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