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Help Runing Abit Hot


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ok got a 2.6 XP thorobred! (or whtever) and a fat coolermaster 80mm adjustable heatsink and fan to give it some cooling!




im in a rather hot bedroom got all the heating pipes below me and as u can imagine it gets very hot!


my PC idle is wacking out 50 oC idle with the fan speed at 5547 rpm and noisey as hell but only cools it to a meer 47, my case temp is 50 with the side's off and the front floppy bay off aswell (let heat get out from HDD's)


cause its getting no cold air in its makin it hard to find a case and CPU fan to cool it properly!


i looked at THERMALTAKE V1000c i think it is (big blue thing), the case has 7 cooling fans/extractor, just need more help to cool this crap thing before summit gets damaged!




512mb DDR

MSI KN7 DELTA Nforce 400 FSB

MSI GF4 Ti 4600 128mb

20gb 40gb 6gb HDD's


Win 2k


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Or if you can get your PC near a window try to rig some kind of ducting from your HS to the window, you could even make it permanent by cutting a hole 3 inches dia. in the glass with the proper high CFM fan.That could even give YOU air to breathe loll

Just a tought :unsure:

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i agree... the REAL way to solve that problem would be to get a desent watercooling system. also, another idea would be to get a crap AC for your bedroom and then get a lot of case fans.... worked for me. :P

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