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Titan Quest multiplayer here

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some of you know how much momma and I love Diablo/Diablo II


we've been into Titan Quest since the demo, and now it is retail.


It's going through a bit of growing pain, like any new product (mobo's, games, etc).


It is quite fun in the Diablo hack-n-slash sense, and it is a huge game, with excellent graphics, and looks to be a long-term gaming solution.



I'm helping Iron Lore try to get to the bottom of the bugs, so they sent me a couple extra copies, and I've got plenty of machines, so I thought maybe I'd bust out a server or just play with others when they are interested.




Let me know if anyone has this game and is interested in playing some TQ together ;)




Oh, and we are ALWAYS on Teamspeak so we can talk with voice while we are playing


if you play, make sure you have headset + mic, and you don't have it set to voice-activated (use a hotkey to push-to-talk). And make sure you got all the volumes proper so when you go to talk to us, the crash of swords ringing in the game doens't drown out what you are saying through your mic and piss us off haha










Hamachi Instructions:

Install Hamachi, during setup disable vulnerable Windows Services, then join this network with this password:


Network: DFI-Street

Password: dfistreet


MAKE SURE that use that exact format...capital letters and small letters, exactly as above!




here's how to setup Teamspeak:


this is what you see when you first start up Teamspeak. Fill in the server info exactly as it is here, give yourself a nickname, and set the default channel as per my pic:








if you did it correctly, this is what you see when you connec:







next, up on the toolbar, is Settings.


Click it, then Sound Input/Output settings, and make it look like this:




you can set the Push To Talk hotkey as anything you want, but you should play a little Titan Quest first to see what keys the game uses. I use Caps Lock because it is not used in TQ, and I don't type to anyone in TQ so I don't worry about all-caps (since we are talking via voice)





once that is done, click Settings again, then Options, and follow along on the tabs:






(this box is checked so the program doesn't announce in a mechanical voice everytime someone joins or leaves etc...it's quite annoying)





32 up and 64 down = excellent voice quality while using minimal bandwidth.




Get on, when someone else is on, make sure both of you are quality volume and sound (no one is too loud, too soft, etc), and then enjoy!

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I'll probably be picking it up tomorrow - my class is over for the summer so I have even less to do now.


So anyways, yeah I'm in.

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i'm installing it on the sig-rig right now and will patch to latest version to play some internet games


mostly I have to play a different version but I have people to help me test that (anyone that experiences lots of crashes, get with me and I'll help you to help Iron Lore get to the bottom of them as I have a special debug version).


But momma had to go to bed at 9pm tonight and I'm wide awake and bored of single player!

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i wasnt really talking about it, but w/e, in the end, the retail copy i have it isnt working, im happy i got this one from a friend to check, unless they give some more serious patches in the near future, ill probably skip...

but i do have to admit, it is a fun game... just frustrating

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well, if you may, do me/us a favor, and if the game runs ok, without crashing, post all of your drivers... chipset, gfx, sound card, etc... and if you are using the 1.08 patch...

it can help :

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I'm on disc 3 right now, so it'll be a bit yet. I'll go ahead and install the patch before playing as well.


I don't spose theres a chance I can play the same character in multiplayer and single player is there? I'm gonna be a fair bit behind you folks until I pull an all-nighter.

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