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nforce drivers 6.86

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I've been using active armor since version 6.70 released. mostly no problems. When I do have a problem with a corrupt download I just click to shut off firewall, download file, then turn fire wall back on, and all is well. I haven't had any download issues with this version yet though.


Same here. Currrently running the 6.7's and 91.33 beta vid drivers. I haven't had a problem with corrupt downloads and I'm using the nVid firewall and Active Armor. One thing I have done, is to make all programs that will d/l (games, FireFox, IE, EA Downloader, Steam) "not offloadable" in Active Armor's Application Rules. In this manner, the d/l app is handled by the cpu, not the nForce 4 chipset and software driver. Kind of defeats the idea of a built-in fire wall hardware solution, but I like the nVidia solution much better than the software firewalls that are available.

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Nice to see you Johnrr6.

Np, not the right drivers.



how about the others?


Sound-----good to see you too----still love my Ultra rig but started coaching High School baseball and have less time to play-----am running the 32 bit version of XP....


I've been playing games on it in my spare time and the remarkable thing is that I have not had ONE issue with ANY game I've played on it-----and that's with an X-Fi card as well!!


I could have NEVER done that with an Intel rig....----but that Conroe stuff looks enticing!!!




All my other Driver versions check out------but the IDE says version 534


Maybe I'll try an uninstall----then when it finds the device-----direct it to the "legacy folder in the IDE drivers folder???


Tried "update Driver"-----but it says that what I have is currently the best match???


I haven't had crazy stuff like this happen since NF2 drivers

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I had the right stuff loaded after all.


Unbreakable over at NforcersHQ taught me how to check for those drivers....




nvata.sys .666 (SATA)

nvatabus.sys .552 (PATA)


---how simple----how logical...


Sheesh----I'm embarressed I didn't think of it myself...


Turns out an old INF file was confusing device manager-----but the correct drivers are loaded.



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