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Abit Nf7

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does the abit nf7 support dx-9? also what is the main difference between nf7&nf7-s

was told the nf7-s required a special h/drive. any info on this matter? thanks.

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Not too bright are ya dling? :P j/k (kinda)


no butt seriously. The main differences are sata support, firewire support, and a different audio chipset the mcp2 vs. mcp2-t (better one)


And to answer your other question.

The IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) was updated with a GeForce4 MX core running at 250MHz. While it's not a DirectX 8-compliant part, it's still a pretty respectable GPU for an onboard solution.
In other words, the built in graphics card isnt even dx 8 complient. But even so, it will still run dx9 it just wont support any of the features it includes. Also, no you dont need a special hard drive, but if you want you can use a "special" hard drive. They call them sata hard drives B)


Hope that helps (even though im still hurt from before <_< ) :bah:

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