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t_ski's FS/FT - MS6000 KB & Mouse, Black Ice, Fans, FREE Scanner

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Abit AN8 motherboard Sold

Three flat 80-pin dual IDE ribbon cables (gray) Sold

One 1/2" barb to 3/4" NPT, and one 3/4" NPT cap Sold

Sintek 500W SLI PSU Sold

One black Logisys 80mm fan Sold

Swiftech MCRes Micro Sold

Black CoolingWorks Coolshroud Sold

Black Ice GT Stealth 360 X-flow in Ferrari Red Sold on ebay

Danger Den X18 waterblock Sold on ebay

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 Sold on ebay

Three filter-type grills for 92mm fans Sold

6" ACRyan round floppy cable (black) Traded

Rosewill R114A case Sold

NEC ND-2510a DVD burner Sold

silver floppy drive Sold

Compag 17" CRT monitor Sold

Digital Doc 5's Sold

BIX 120m radiator Sold

Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 Sold

Thermalright V-1 Ultra Sold

Danger Den Mag-II LE pump Sold

Big Typhoon Sold

Swiftech Apogee Sold

Sapphire X1800XT 256MB PCIe card with a Zalman VF900-Cu Sold

XP-90C Sold

One filter-type grill for an 80mm fan Sold

USB 2.0 enclosure for a 3.5" IDE HDD Sold

Two filter-type grills for 120mm fans Sold

80mm case fan Sold

Dual fan HDD cooler Sold

Generic 50mm fan Sold

Sapphire X850XTPE PCI-e Sold

Promise PCI SATA four port Raid controller card Sold

2GB Corsair with UCCC chips Sold

Antec Cyclone black slot cooler Sold

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum S939 motherboard Sold

Two WD 36GB Raptors Sold

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Since I'm not selling it with the stock cooler I feel obligated to sell it with the Zalman. However, you are free to sell the Zalman after you buy it, and I can tell you that I've had people asking to buy the Zalman by itself.

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Well, if you've had offers on the Zalman do you think you could just sell it by itself and let me take the X1800XT? I don't care if it doesn't have a stock cooler for it.

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As it stands I have several offers to buy the card as is, and one may be pending if we can get the payment straightened out.

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