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What Resolution is 'Universal'?

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What resolution does the general public, and you mostly have these days as there standard resolution in windows???


I think its 1024x768 but could be 1200x1024??? Please dont tell me 800x600 haha. I use 1600x1200 cause i have a big monitor.

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The reason being that 1024x768 looks horrible on alot of older monitors.

Another reason is because not many monitors can do 100hz or better at that res.


It looks ok on cheap montors that you can buy right now.

Most don't have newer monitors.


On some newer and more expensive monitors, they can display it decent enough, but they lack in frame rate at that res.

In hz I mean, some newer monitors can't even do 120hz :.

I got one bud that baught a newer nec like that, nice, very nice flat screen tube based monitor.

But it sucks big time for refresh rates.



I personally use [email protected]

For now anyways, I dont' plan on changing the res, but maybe the color depth later if it's possible.


Windows does'nt correctly support high res'es though, like 1920x1080 for example.

It just does'nt work out right in the end.

It can doit none the less, heck it can do at least double that np.

But nothing is in the correct perportion.




I have a monitor packed around here for a backup that can't do past x600 at 75hz btw.

It simply can't do x768.

I can barely capture video and have it sync correctly with that thing.


I can't stand running lower then 100hz...


Anyways if you're making a website, do whatever you want lol ;)

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Scratch what res/ref I said I run at before, runnign at 104hz...

Which is ruffly allowing me to display a max of 52fps.

That's the biggest reason why I don't run high res'es, because I never had a monitor that could do one decently at a high refresh rates.


Anyways that's all on my end.



At 1024x768x32, I have to run ruffly 85hz, I dn how much higher I could go with that.

Not even worth it to me.

I could run 1920x1080 at 60hz..., but it's hard on my eyes/slow, and does'nt look right in windows.

Plus I would'nt beable to capture with that, I need around 75hz min to capture video.

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I would say most PCs I work on are set to 1024x768 @ 85Hz.

Most of my customers aren't into gaming too much. My mother-in-law's is set to 800 x 600 x 100Hz, older customers seem to actually prefer the lower resolutions.

Personally I use 2048x768 @ 85Hz, when using dual monitors, and 1024 x 768 @ 100Hz in single monitor config.

Standard Definition Television (SDTV) output on my HTPC is set to 640x480 @ 60Hz, and 1920x1080 @ 60Hz for High Definition Television (HDTV).


This might make things a bit clearer;

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