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Got SLI and is looking forward to Conroe? Look again...


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From theinquirer.net:


WE GOT some interesting input on Intel not supporting SLI on its Conroe-supporting motherboards. Up until now, we, and our, sources have blamed it all on Nvidia but it turns out we might be wrong about that.


There is a big chance that Intel doesn't want to allow Nvidia to run SLI, as it doesn't want to make a big thing about SLI on its own Conroe machines.


Intel is in the bed with ATI and signed a cross-licensing agreement quite some time ago, the upshot of which is that it officially supports ATI's Crossfire on Intel 975/965 boards. We hear that Intel doesn’t want to let Nvidia's SLI to run on its boards, at least not officially.


Wow.... talk about burning bridges... ;)

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Nvidia will still make Conroe boards that run SLI


Intel boards that can run Crossfire can already run SLI...has nothing to do with the chipset...it has everything to do with licensing.


Intel is smart...they want to regain lost marketshare...and with a VENGEANCE...and the way to do this?


Everyone knows no one makes a better chipset than the guy who makes the cpu...


so why not make one that runs single cards, dual ATI cards, and dual Nvidia cards?


That's how you get market share in a hurry


If Nvidia doesn't want to allow it, then that is Nvidia's problem, and Nvidia will find out the hard way when Conroe blows through town like a firestorm (and you had all best believe it is coming...and coming with a vengeance like you've never seen...not even when A64 blew through town).


Some of you will scoff...and a LOT of you AMD fanboys are laughing at me lol.




I would seriously consider my words as well as my knowledge of the industry...and what I have seen with my own eyes that you haven't yet...and on top of that...I'm a gamer and hardcore overclocker/enthusiast just like you...and if I myself am more excited than I can remember (I'm more excited now for Conroe than when I was when I first got my first NF3 + 754 cpu)...you probably should be too.


AMD is great, and AMD will continue to be great...but I don't know what theyve got in store down the road...but I know what Intel has...and I know why I am as excited as I am about it.



Here's the other thing you should keep in mind while you are calling me names because you think it's all hype and AMD RULZE YA RULZE YOOO!!!


Remember (some of you wont because you are too young or didn't pay attention) when Intel Pentium II / III was the most badass in town?


When the kid (me) who had a K6-2 400Mhz was laughed right out of the game because he couldn't keep up in Quake2 from all the stuttering frames yet Pentium II's powered through it like hot knives through melted butter?


I hear the creaky necks of a lot of you old timers out there agreeing with me.


I also hear the creaky brains pulling out information long-since stored away about how Intel is one of the foundations of the modern personal computer...that Intel started the revolution waaay back with the first x86 chips (who do you think AMD's chips are modelled after???). That Intel...has more R&D budget money than probably AMD has assets?


Yeah...and for...two years now? Two years...Intel has watched AMD kick it's butt all over the street and back up the alley and into a coma. And then AMD kicked the crap out of Intel some more while Intel was in a coma (thats the old rule of domination...when your opponent is down, kick him until he dies if you can get away with it...if not, kick him until it takes years for him to wake up and hopefully he'll wake up with brain damage).




Do you think that Intel just sat around trying to prove that their chips were better when they themselves knew better?


I mean, even Intel's own guys could see that a 3.8Ghz cpu, or 3.4Ghz dual-core cpu's of theirs just couldn't beat an AMD64 cpu that was 1000Mhz slower...




they kept putting out cpu's that no one wanted while their real effort was going on in a back room in some dark evil lab...(I already told the story about Dothan core cpu....so read that if you can find it).


Basically it goes like this


Intel's Dothan mobile laptop cpu, which the Conroe is based on, came out a couple years ago...and DFI was one of I think 2 desktop motherboard makers that made a board to support it...and it would take a 1.6 or 1.8Ghz Dothan cpu, with a little effort, up to 2.66Ghz


and that is when the light turned on in some Intel engineer's head....he happened to read at Anandtech or HardOCP that someone took a Dothan 1.6Ghz cpu and cranked it to 2.66Ghz...and then benched it next to an FX-57...and it blew the FX-57 away by about 20% - 40% in games and other benches.


I bet he pooped himself...seriously...


but no one really paid attention...because Intel cpu's had already become synonymous with "crap" and "junk" and "weak" compared to AMD64 cpu's....and the fact that our 855MGF board was like $350 and the Dothan cpu was another $350 or more...




it was only a 133FSB cpu remember...and it kicked major butt




fast forward through 18+ months


Intel...all quiet on the Eastern Front yes? They keep rolling out Dual-Core cpu's that no one wants that can't beat a 1000+ Mhz slower AMD64 cpu...


but they been perfecting 65nm Conroe cores


how perfect are they perfecting them?


Well...and I'm not lying as you will see within a few days as someone important to DFI-Street is going to show you, 2.6Ghz cpu that can clock to 4Ghz and run sub-20 second superpi times (probably closer to the sub-15s ones like you are seeing at XS forums) on air easily...and even a 5Ghz on water...well...you kinda begin to understand why Intel's industry nickname is "the 800lb gorilla"


You reallly...REALLY didn't think Intel was going to just roll over and give up did you???


LOL...I mean...come on people...this is INTEL we are talking about...


you may hate them...but I am not a hater...I want what is best....and if I cannot afford what is best...I want what is best that I CAN afford.


And Intel learned another VERY IMPORTANT LESSON through all of this...


AMD can make you eat your own by not only whipping you with performance, but stealing all of your customers with lower prices...so now not only are your cpu's weak and crappy compared to AMD's, but yours are twice as expensive...and your Blue Man Group marketing strategy ain't working no more since the internet has boomed like an 1850's gold mining town, and everyone is getting their information about technology from users like yourselves and me and others that actually have and use the products.


You are going to see a storm like you haven't seen in a while.


AMD I already know is not SCARED, but they've stockpiled their food in the basement and will wait for the storm to pass, then they will roll out their next big thing...but they are smart like those Texans who have a tornado cellar...you know a storm is coming, and you know its gonna bust you up real good, so the only smart thing is to settle in and wait for it to pass, then rebuild.


AMD won't be 'defeated'


and Intel won't "rule"




for a good 6 months or more, all you are going to hear about is Conroe Conroe Conroe as it shatters world records for overclocks, benchmarks, etc


This is something I will guarantee you in writing. If my word ain't good enough...well...too bad...but I will guarantee you in writing that you will get swept up in the Conroe storm if you are any kind of overclocker/gamer/enthusiast.


Intel has finally once again done something right...even if they are the 800lb gorilla you hate...you have to admire the 800lb gorilla that not only smashes it's way out of it's cage, but then procedes to smash the entire town into pieces in a blind rage lol.


it's a little off topic I know...but Nvidia...this is the point...Nvidia...well they make mistakes...and this is one of those mistakes that they will soon correct and act like they were onboard the whole time...but they will still make chipsets, don't get me wrong...but they will see that there's no %#@$# way they can let ATI be natively supported on Intel chipsets...that tips the scale too far in ATI's favor.

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Thanks for the nice story (was it copy/pasted from another post about the RHT?), and my neck definitely creaked since I'm an oldtimer as well and jumped the train when Athlon arrived. Before that I was all Intel, overclocking anything from my first Pentium (P75) to celerons (both P2 and P3-based).


Anyway, I admire Intel for getting their thinking cap on after the abysmal P4 (although some of them were nice overclockers) and returning to what worked instead of forcing a heavy and overblown architecture out on the market. The Conroe WILL be a real sweet deal for many many people, both thanks to the actual hardware and also thanks to the reinvented marketing machine @ Intel. I mean, they're out to make money, and they've lost a lot of market to AMD, and now they've charged their capacitors to the max, ready to retake lost territory.


However, this has got nothing to do with what I initially posted which, to be honest, is a rumour from theInq. What it says though is that Intel will not support SLI on their own chipsets, they'll just support Crossfire. There will most likely be third party fixes for that, but the fact is, if the rumour is true, that Intel is using it's position to favor ATI, and there can be several reasons behind that, number one being that nvidia have stolen a lot of market from Intel on the chipset front ever since they went Intel.


It's the kind of jabs that looks ugly, and I just thought people would like to know about it. In case there will be trouble using SLI on the new Intel chipsets they might be better off running nforce-based boards for Conroe's.




I just recieved my premium lapping kit so I'm gonna prepare for a long, arm-killing session of lapping my Freezer 64 Pro (with groves and ridges on the area deep enough to be used as a sand shovel... ;) )

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Im going to bypass the whole conroe/am2 tech phase until the last like 3 months. much like i did with 939 processors. the prospect of the upcoming processor war does excite me but i want to see what each combatant has in their corner before i jump in. that and any bugs that either platform has will be worked out within the first 3 months.


That and DFI hasnt officially released a mobo for either platform yet.

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