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NF4 Ultra-D will not boot

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I have an NF4 Ultra D that was running Vista fine for a couple of weeks. Came home one day to find the machine dead. It acts like it has no power. The PSU tests fine and I have tried removing and re-installing all components including the cpu with no luck. I have removed the CMOS battery for 24 hrs and cleared the cmos jumper to no avail.


The standby light is a dim yellow when the psu is plugged in, but the memory light never lights. Anyone have any idea what the LED's signify or have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?


Configuration is as follows:

DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-d

Athlon 64 3500+ Venice

ATI 850 XT PCI-E x16

2x512MB Patriot 2 2 2 5 DDR 400


Neopower 480w Mod PSU

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Guest Kobalt

How did you test the PSU?


If the RAM LED isn't lit, then I would remove the sticks, and try only one in the orange slot. If still nothing, then I think that is either RAM is dead, or PSU or mobo. That LED is the DRAM power LED.

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