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Useful Linux Information


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Here are some useful links for things related to Linux.



Major Linux Distributions:

- Gentoo - RedHat - Fedora (RedHat) - Mandrake - SuSE - Slackware - Debian - Lycris - YellowDog - Lindows -


There are an unestimated other distributions of Linux, about 100 or so of the better known distributions, and more information about those listed above can be found at DistroWatch.com.


Got a question, here are some places to look:

- Google For Linux (G4L)

- JustLinux

- LinuxQuestions

- The Linux Documentation Project

- Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition



Need a window manager for X? Check these out:

- Gnome - KDE - Enlightenment - FluxBox - BlackBox - XFce - Ximian Desktop -



Need some software or a driver? Check out SourceForge, the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet. Google is another great place to look.


Those who use the RPM (RedHat Package Manager) system, may want to check out RPMFind.net for any packages you are in need of.



Many people are scared that by using Linux, you wont have an easy to use Office solution like Microsoft Office. For those people, check out StarOffice, OpenOffice.org (OOo), KOffice, or take a look at what Google has to show you.


Needing an email client? Use to using Outlook or Outlook Express? Check out Evolution. Or, if you are looking for something else check out these: KMail, Balsa, or search Google for more.


How about a web browser? Can't live without surfing the net can we, after all how would you get back to OverclockersClub.com to ask for help, eh? :P Take a look at Opera, Mozilla, Galeon, Konqueror, and of course Google can suggest others.




Member Submitted Links:

These links have been submited by members of the forum. - Some user submitted links were used in the above areas. Thanks to anyone who submits links. :)

- http://linux-newbie.sunsite.dk/ (submitted by syneze, on Oct 17 2003)

- http://www.linuxiso.org (submitted by FxXP, on Oct 17 2003)


Got a link or something that you feel may help some one use Linux? Post the link here. Let's keep discussions out of this thread (that means anything discussion wise in this thread will be deleted), but feel free to post a link or two. From time to time, this thread may be edited/consolidated to make it easier to read, don't be surprised if messages go missing from time to time.





Remember, before asking for help, take a look at the Asking For Help Guidelines, these are designed to help you get the best response. And as always, post to this forum, and any other forum should follow The OverclockersClub Forum Rules.

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Guest FxXP

There is no "best linux". Linux is GNU/GPL and is not perfect in all aspects no matter how you look at the packaging or features. For now its a matter of opinion.

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