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What's your lowest CPU temp on air?

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its 27c out side


And i find that the bios reads 3c less then smartgaruden reads


And im ripping CDs right now

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idle temps dont mean much i think. unless theres somthing wrong with the voltages and u got a good cooling settup u can run pretty close to ambient at idle but usually a few degrees above at idle unless u got a radical fan on the side of ur case lol. the real proof in the puddin is priming or dual priming for an hour or so and see where its sitting...low idle temps mean nothing except u got a cold room...

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Honestly your only going to your cpu that close to ambients w/ watercooling so it's highly unlikely that any of you are that close. Id recommend testing your temps w/ a probe. The coolest ive had on air was 19c and that was in the dead of a fridged ohio winter w/ a ductmod on an xp90 w/ a tornado @ max so theres almost no way thats accurate.





IF this is what u did to achieve that, Thats NICE! haha my friends laugh because I basically have my Case sides off right now just to keep the CPU at 31-40 degree temp Cel. Winter had my CPU at 25-34 no problem, mind you at 2.86 but this summer time is killin a lot of us. Man this is my newbuild and I didnt even really get to enjoy the overclock that much as of right now, I had to put it at damn near stock just to appease the rising temperatures. :(

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lowest idle temp ever recorded on my rig was 18°C


last fall i went to bed at like 8pm with both living room windows open, when i woke up around 4 am it was snowing and the room temp was around 12-13°C on my thermomete,


it was hell cold inside the damn house and i only had 5-6°C above ambient room temp, whit my big butt cooler

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30°C CPU with an ambient temperature of about 25-26°C. And that is after it settled again after encoding a couple movies for a few hours.

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That's the lowest I've been on air, diff cpu though then yours, @ 1.45v.


I dn what ambients were back then, I just started measuring them recently.

So I'm getting used to that...



Often my hd's are AT ambient or below ^^.

I got 3 hd's, about an inch away from each other, side by side(yes side by side, not stacked).

And they have a 120mm uh panaflo on them.


There is this one sensor on my mobo I dn what it is, lots of times I've seen it way under ambient.

Sometimes under the -c mark :O.

Other times, after running a while, it rises up arund the cpu's socket temp.

I've sat there and watched it rise from around the 10c's to 40c before ^^, accurate like, liek it's not fake and it's not worng sorta thing...

I dn what to think on that one, it boggles me :.


My south bridge is at ambient, or slightly above it at all times.

A 120mm panaflo, again uh, is over 6 inches away from it easy.

Blowing right on it sorta, well it hits all my slots so...


My nb, is around 2c above ambient, the last few times I checked, I have'nt checked it much.


My cpu's diode, goes below ambient all the time.

Not at all times, but it it does doit alot.

That has a swiftech pos heatsink on it lol, with a very old 80mm tornado with wore out bearings.



I think it's possible to go below ambient with air.

Just that we can't sustain it for very long during stress.

We can't pump it out fast enough/efficiantly by blowing down at the mobo or into our case where it mixes and all that stuff.


The reason we don't get condensation, I believe..., is because of pressure.

From the fans, the pressure around such areas is high, so there's no condensation :).


If we could pump the warm air out efficiantly straight out the case, we might beable to sustain lower temps mor like water cooling.

As long as we took care of the extra heat as well, ie, the sides of the "tunnel", stuff like that.



I dn, I always thaught it was a bit goofy too.

Though I did know of it.

However I had no idea that I was under ambient at this scale.



Note that when heat is up, most of my hd's except one go above ambient.

Around ambient of 30c probably.

2 diff models of wd's, and one seagate...



In terms of physics, it's impossible for the CPU temp to be below ambient on air. Temperature always travels from high to low, so for the temperature to be lower than ambient, heat would be traveling into the CPU, rather than out of it. I do, however, think it's possible to have the temp at, or just above ambient. When you touch metal in the shade, it's cold to the touch, as hot air has little affect on it's temperature, meaning the heat from the CPU it still likely to disapate off the metal (or get blown away), leaving the CPU temp at ambient.

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