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random restarts

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I had Win XP Pro on the pc, and i updated the gfx drivers and it crashed and gave me a disk boot failure. I then instaleld windows x64 bit (first time) fresh install, format and all. had no problems installing it.


so far everything was running fine, but then it restarted randomly; after turning off auto restart on error; when it did restart it gave me a blue screen with no text; im confused now O-o


the other thing i noticed is very rarely sometimes the pc wont power up, the dfi board gives me 2 red lights; and im assuming its the gfx card. my gfx card does not have any external power adapter to the power supply, it just sits in the pci-e slot. It does run fine when i play games and such, and when i was using win xp pro i never had the problem of random restarts; but the occasional no power ups did happen under xp pro.


i forgot to update my sig; i have as my main drive with the os isntall:

HITACHI Deskstar 7K80 HDS728080PLA380 SATA 3.0GB/s

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stop code 0x0000003B, and i think i located it to my hdd which was supposed to be formatted with NTFS, but it wasnt formatted with any file system =/ Just formatted it to NTFS, hopefully it doesnt happen again.

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hrm so i did memtest over night, no errors on 9 passes


the error happened again, both give the stopcode 0x00003B which indicates a hardware error


The first BSOD had this file name in it NVApu64.sys

and the 2nd BSOD had ati2cqag.dll


so they are still occuring; i have ruled out the memory.


i also hear a weird sound now, im not sure where its coming from :( not good

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