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PC stuff for sale, Its car season

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EVERY PRICE IS WITH SHIPPING UNLESS NOTED to CONUS ONLY!!!!!, and Pics are available upon request. i just prefer to not take a million pics of stuff people arent interested in.


I have ebay feedback under aws4904, and Heatware feedback under Bullet2urbrain.


FoR SaLe:


Seagate 40gig HDD PATA 100mbps - 30 bux

Ultra X-Connect 500Watt PSU Modular - 60 bux (shipping expensive)

Koolance Water block (great for low flow watercooling) - 45 bux.

BFG Tech 6600GT PCI-E Lifetime warranty (no accessories) - 75 bux

Maxtor 250 gig PATA 133mbps HDD 16mB Cache - 60 bux

Antec TruePower II 550W SLi Certified PSU - 75 bux

1 unknown brand PC133 memory 128meg + (unsure) - 10 bux

Cheap POS Skt A mobo AGP 2x, PC133 - 10 bux

ASUS A7V880 Mobo SktA DDR400 Best sktA mobo - 30 bux



All right that should be about it, i'll add more as i find it.


Potential stuff for sale will be a 74 gig Raptor SATA


PM or Email me

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