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New Case Time ????

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nice looking rig Happy.


SS, The one thing I will say for CoolerMaster cases is they are very well made.

I don't want to dis Thermaltake but I just can't say the same.


Steel cases still seem quieter to me than Aluminum.


(I still need a window, to me half the fun of building a rig is seeing the inside all nice and tidy. Plus the e-penis deal) :)

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Hi guys,

I'm odd not bothered at all re windows & like i said earlier here take comfort in the fact that rig is cooler without window but noisier.


I know whats under bonnet (hood) :rolleyes:

Have just been looking for the black windowless armor & can't find 1. Must admit i'm not 2 dissapointed had the same gut feel as u i think.


my current cm case has been great very plkeased with workmanship, but have been put off a bit by some of the issues here CM Forums


Am also a bit jaded with the avaiabilty of stock (especially black :rolleyes: ) - you might say i'm the man with black.


still have to locate an old black stc-t01 in the uk. will keep checking stock if nothing in a few weeks may try the

going from the sublime to the ridicukous talked to an old mate karll pell on Overclocking.com who has an Aerocool Masstige i did some digging & found it in the uk with a different name Aerocool Bay Dream :)
i mentioned earlier & see how that goes 4 a while. if it works fine if not will get a black 830 when they arrive here.


luck :)

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My Lian Li G70 with Thermochill PA120-3 mounted internally

She's a big'un ;) Lots of room for modding






I have it set up a little different now, but here's a general idea

I removed the top PSU bay to make tubing routing easier, with the psu mounted in the top I think there is still enough room for a 120-2. Or, you could just mount it on the bottom of the case on standoffs.

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Not given up on this yet, just had a busy week chasing round ordering new car.


thanks for the pics LazyBum they look great. You & clos6996 have just about convinced me to go lian-li.:)


Have been reading reviews, sourcing product & comparing prices.

Am quiet interested in the inverted btx style mobo mounting


have flirted with silverstone & enermax early in week looking at :-

SilverStone Technology Temjin 6

Enermax CS-718 They are internally the same lay out. I don't like the layout & think a better design would have been to have a single floppy bay or none at all (an adaptor 3.5" for the 5.25" bays would do) that would allow a 2nd intake 120mm which would provide better cooling (with less noise). Don't mind doing a bit of modding but not immediately.


Found the Lian Li G70B Black / Evo 360 Kit Pre-Fitted which is like clos6996 was reffering to.


when comparing the

Lian Li G70B £141.51

I don't find it that expensive compared to the

CM Stacker 830 £157.32

Thermaltake VB5000SNA Tai-Chi SuperMidi Tower £168


so the shortlist is:-

Lian Li G70B £141.51 + Lian Li EX-34B HDD Bay Black Not required but think it will be cool:) with acouple of drives in with some decent airflow into case.


A top secret supply i found that may be able to supply a STC-T01-UWK , black old stlyle stacker to u & me.


Will see what i can get next week.

Thanks for input.:)

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Just got new case today Lian-Li PC V2000 PLUS Black Aluminium couldn't resist it after reading some reviews

cluboverclocker.com reviews - lian_li pcv2000


Case cost 162.15 which compared with the top CM & TT cases:-

CoolerMaster Stacker 830 £151

Thermaltake VB5000SNA Tai-Chi SuperMidi Tower £168.73

Is great value. The finish, design etc., is awesome.


If i go for water cooling i think a double radiator will be ok Which i could mount on either the top or the bottom (probably switch the psu to the top & mount radiator below it on case bottom.)


the Fan canopy thart covers the cpu & memory slots is excellent & has reduced my temps

by 6C, oinly thing that seems strange atm is that the gfx card temop is higher which suprises me as it now has the extractor fan over it. see Lian-Li V2000 PLUS Cooling PC-201B - Interior - Identical intrerior showing shroud



Lian-li Idle


Lian-Li Load



Overall imression is fantastic, only slight criticism is with the psu panel this could have had a 120mm fan rather than the twin 80mm but the panel is removable so nothing to stop you making up your own. Am very impressed with the drive bays, have got that used to leaving HD trays half full to ensure adequate cooling, there's no need with these racks there's about 1/2" clearance between drives.


Marks 10/10:)


Thanks everyone for input especially clos6996 & LazyBum for helping me choose lian-li:D

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Fit's you perfect Chris.

Makes you look 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter.

A great choice :)

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Hi Carl,

Well i'm certainly a few pound lighter:)

But it's worth it. to say i'm running with Lian-li stock cooling using 2x120mm fans rated as 72CFM and 34dBa + the extractor fan. previously was running with 4x120mm 110.03CFM and 39.5dBA so wife can ease back on tv volume when she watches the soaps:rolleyes:

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Been having a play today so took some pics.

Have not done any cable tidying yet so please excuse the scruff in the pics:surprised:


This is a big case ;D L590mm W210mm H617mm

with 7x5.25" external bays & 12x3.5" internal it eclipses the stacker & Thermaltake Tai-Chi


1) The 3 CompartmentsTop deck mobo & 5.25" bays. Bottom left 120mm intake fan (Adda AD1212LB-A71GL 72CFM and 34dBa) & 3.5" drive bays (12). Bottom Right PSU compartment with 2x80mm fan mounts.


2) Well vented base Skateboard wheels, Tyres are provided if u want them, i've fitted them. Note brake lever on right side (rear wheel)


Great spacing between hard drives this is a real bonus a 6 drive bay is just that not well i'll mount half the drives to keep some ventilation. Am using std sata leads which reach ok but will need longer when adding further drives.


PSU Rear Panel Is removable & can be inverted or a custom 1 added. By inverting & fitting PSU in top of compartment space is released which may be used for water cooling components.

About only grouse i have with case i'd have liked to have seen a 120mm fan mounting rather than 2x80mm but thats a mod i might try by making a 2nd panel. If using a lot of drives the rear 120mm as an exhaust would match the front 120mm intake.


Mobo Compartment

Mobo Compartment 2

120mm top rear fan is an intake fan with Air duct that is angled down covering cpu, memory & pwmic area. This area is now around 5C cooler than previous case where rear was exhaust with a 120mm front intake(CM4in3 unit) at the same level, which was my previous best.


The Blower above the pci/pci-e slots exhausts air through the mesh above the slots.


Front Connections Sound USBx2 +1394


Front Case

7x5.25" with CD/DVD ROM bezel x 1 ; 5.25 to 3.5 convertor with floppy bezel x 1


so all in all i'm delighted with case has more than enough room 4 all future expansion can handle water cooling with internal 2x radiator possibly 3x if i push it.


Build & design quality is brilliant everything fits perfectly


May use 3 of the 5.25" bays to add Lian Li EX-34B HDD Bay Black if i want to improve case cooling.

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OK, i want to revive this old thread.


I was looking for information between cm stacker (original) and armor case and i believe this thread have most of the information that I am seeking.


Now, I'm in between

1) New CM stacker (original) for $125 after MIR

2) Used TT Armor for $75


Which way should I pursue? I am an air-cooling guy and not thinking to go water cooling in the short run. I don't have much experience with dremel or any other power tools.


I have been using an old inwin server case and did some modding like cutting couple of holes either by dremel or by using metal cutter scissor (i cant describe better than this) and generally the results simply suck!


I have two things in my mind: better air cooling AND better cable management. Considering the price which one do you recommend?

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