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System Hanging At Screen Saver


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I spent the better part of last week reformatting and re-configuring my rig because it would just hang. I noticed that it would do so after the screen saver would kick in, or if I would turn off the monitor, no option but to reset the computer. It has done that ever since I changed my motherboard and processor, MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR and XP2500, I never had that problem with my Epox 8RDA+ and XP 2100, strange. :unsure:

I have dissabled the screen saver and it seems to be fine for now.

Could it be that some of the drivers for that board or some software is conflicting with the operating system, or is it a hardware compatibility problem? (check my sig for all the crap that's in my rig)

Operating system:Win XP pro with sp1.

Video drivers: Nvidia 45.23.

Although this may have absolutely nothing to do with this problem, I find that the temperature of the chipset seems a bit warm, it's in the mid to high 30s (Celsius), the Epox always ran in the mid to high 20s, and with passive cooling.

I have no complaints about the motherboard or the processor, it's just a very annoying little problem that I would like to get rid of, any advice will be very welcome guys.


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Thank you! :D

I forgot to mention that I have the computer hooked up to a ups (Tripp-lite Internet office 500 or something like that), but the power management options are set to off (never) in the operating system.

My monitor is an Optiquest Q75 made by Viewsonic, but it never gave me any problems before. It seems to work very well, but maybe it's just getting old???


EDIT: Sorry to resurect an old thread but I finally figured out my problem, the ram was the culprit of all my problems. (Infinion pc 2700 ram)

I re-installed my Epox 8RDA+ with the XP-2100 T-bred and the system runs ok I guess. The ram just isn't up to the task of running at it's rated speed. :(

Maybe I'll get a Christmas present,who knows. :lol:

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