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The HUGE BIG-BIG Windows Vista Thread

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Since the OEM is suppose to have either or 32 or 64? Is there anyway to know for sure what is on the disk ...or do you just need to run the setup and see if it allows you to install 32 or 64?


Reread this post...






whats on here is whats on every DVD...


that post was straight from the DVD itself...;)

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just to add another program to the 'working/not working list'..


in the logitech G15-series keyboard profiler, the logitech G-series media display isn't picking up WMP11 on my computer, but the buttons will work for next/last/play/stop etc..


MBM2G15II works, but you need to download MSVCR71.dll and put it in your windows/system32 directory.


Saitek controllers have vista drivers on the Saitek website, but the profiler program is not vista compatible nor is it on the website.


Trillian Pro v3.1 pro works


Floppy drives still work :D

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Hey guys, I don't know if this has been discussed in this thread or not but I've got a problem with Vista Ultimate on my DFI system. Appearently I'm not the only one as there are numerous threads on the net about the same problem.... anyway, I can't run my dual core AMD CPU in Vista... it messes up my graphics.


I have a Lanparty NF3 Ultra-D, X2-4200, ATI x800xt pe. Everything works well in vista but only when I have one core of the CPU disabled! :( I get an ATI video drivers will not load properly (code 43)


I hope there is a fix soon because I have to boot into WinXP to do any video/audio encoding to take advantage of the dual core processing power!





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