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The HUGE BIG-BIG Windows Vista Thread

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Ok so who here pre-ordered Vista and got his/her copy already?


I ordered an OEM version of XP from Newegg with a free Vista business upgrade. When I check on my order at the link I got from my order confirmation email, something just doesn't seem right;




Does that site look the same to anybody else?

I filled out the email to redeem my upgrade right after Christmas, and I am starting to think that I might have missed something that is stopping my order from getting completed.

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Didn't exactly pay MSRP? What is that alluding to?


(Hopefully nothing having to do with Rule #11!:eek:)


I know Bill and Melinda personally so they gave me a copy for cheap.

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i have Audigy 1, not 2 :( when i tried BETA, and used creative drivers i only got 2 channels, which sux monkeys a$$ real bad...


i got the DVD, will install tonite :) we'll see how it goes...


if my RAID isnt detected at all, i will sell this piece of crap tomorrow.... Vista Ultimate, anybody? :P

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raid does work...you may have to fool with it to get it to work...just make sure you go over the "Advanced" drive options thoroughly...


I think you can still cheat and set up the raid with a XP cd if it get too difficult for you and switch to the dvd on reboot...;)

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Here are some tweaking tools for you guys...




TweakVI Basic 1 build 1046



Vista Manager 1.0.7



Microangelo Toolset 6.0.3


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this is right from the file on the Vista dvd... it will dispell a little info...





Windows Vista, the next generation OS from Microsoft is now RTM.

This DVD includes both the 32Bit and 64Bit versions of Vista on 1

DVD. It is bootable into either the 32Bit or 64Bit setup and will

allow you to install any of the versions of Vista listed below:


Windows Vista Home Basic (x86) or (x64)

Windows Vista Home Basic N (x86) or (x64)

Windows Vista Home Premium (x86) or (x64)

Windows Vista Business (x86) or (x64)

Windows Vista Business N (x86) or (x64)

Windows Vista Ultimate (x86) or (x64)

Windows Vista Starter (x86)


You can also install Vista from another Windows via the autorun.

However please note that you cannot install/start the x64 Vista

setup from a 32bit/x86 Windows install, you must start it from an

x64 install of Windows.


OEM/Retail versions are all available on the DVD depending on the

type of key you enter.


Similar to our previous releases of Vista during the beta,

we are providing 1 key that will install Vista. In this case, the

key is an RTM universal key and will allow you to choose whichever

version of Vista you wish to install. The key will however not

activate Vista. The same key is also builtin to every Vista ISO by

MS for trial/quick install purposes.

For further info, see sourcesx86sourcesinfsetup.cfg on the ISO.


Therefore, that means you can also choose to install Vista without

a key by selecting Next during the cd-key prompt during Setup

without entering a key, then pressing No for the popup window. It

will make no difference to activation however and you will still

have a limited period of time to use it.


Since Windows XP, Microsoft has instituted Windows Product

Activation (WPA). This prevents any extended full usage of the

Product beyond the allotted time, determined at install. We are NOT

providing workarounds or 'fixes' for WPA. You are still required to

activate your software within this time.



Note: When selecting the version of Vista to install during Setup,

you must select the type that corresponds to the architecture

you selected prior to the start of Setup. (ie. if you choose

the x64 Setup, you must select an x64 version from the list

of Vistas to install.)


The build number for those interested is: 6000.16386.061101-2205


Nukers-This must remain an ISO or it will not extract or boot.

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For those complaining about high memory usage in Vista, this might get you thinking otherwise:




Depending on the scenario, a great deal of computing time is spent waiting for data retrieval due to processors being significantly faster than the mass storage devices. To that extent modern computers have a hierarchy of several levels of data caches to store and manipulate data, ranging from registers and L1 cache down to hard drives and their own cache. This system of cache layers works very well in hiding the speed differences between various layers, but there are still large gaps between places such as the CPU and RAM, and RAM and hard drives. One possible improvement - and certainly the most effective solution that Microsoft has implemented in Vista - is to try to move up required data to a higher layer, in this case by keeping more data in RAM than just the bare minimum.


The result of this is the first I/O improving technology, SuperFetch, a new technology designed to cache as much data as RAM space allows. Previously, Windows XP had a more basic implementation of this idea called prefetch, which used trace logs of programs loading in order to help XP optimize the loading sequence. SuperFetch in turn takes things a step further by not only figuring out what data is required to launch an application, but it actually loads this data into memory as space allows so that if it's needed at a later point the data is already in RAM instead of still residing on the hard drive.


In practice, SuperFetch depends a great deal on how predictable a user is and how much extra RAM a computer has. Veteran computer users will be slightly dismayed at first to find that Vista is actively attempting to use the entirety of a computer's RAM (down to 0MB of free memory remaining), which is effectively the opposite of how XP attempted to conserve as much memory as possible. This looks worse than it actually is, as cached data can immediately be thrown away to make space for an application as required, but Microsoft has nonetheless attempted to clarify things since Beta 2 where the Task Manager would only show total memory usage. Now the Task Manager makes it clear how much RAM is being used for program execution and how much is being used for cache, but this will still inevitably spark a few debates on if full RAM usage is really a good thing. Given that RAM tends to be a low power device operating at near full power all the time (especially on desktop machines), we feel RAM is the ideal underutilized component to try to fully exploit, as it doesn't incur the extra power costs of running at full load like a CPU/GPU do.



However as we mentioned previously, the total benefit is dependent in predictability and excess RAM. As SuperFetch is designed to predict what applications a user may load next and then pre-load them into cache (i.e., a user loads Outlook at 10am every day), it works better for users with routines than those without. Similarly, as Vista attempts to use all RAM for the cache, it can always benefit from more RAM to keep more things cached (a behavior similar to MacOS X)...


...Vista x64


One of the major changes on paper for Vista is that x64 now becomes an equal platform with the x86 version, as using the Vista compatibility logo on any hardware or software requires that the item in question works under both the x86 and x64 versions, but the reality of the situation is not as rosy. Along with the other limitations of the OEM versions we listed above, only the retail versions of Vista are shipping with x64 and x86 together; the OEM versions are only sold in an either/or fashion: you can either get the x64 or x86 version, but not both at once. It's possible that this will be trivially easy to work around, however it's something that should be kept in mind if you're purchasing an OEM copy...




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Since the OEM is suppose to have either or 32 or 64? Is there anyway to know for sure what is on the disk ...or do you just need to run the setup and see if it allows you to install 32 or 64?

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