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The HUGE BIG-BIG Windows Vista Thread

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When I installed the Daemon Tools it gave me the SCSI thing, then told me I needed to reboot, after the reboot it started the install and finshed. I clicked on the icon and thats when it said the some file did not install correctly. So I should reinstall it over the current install?

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Yeah, I'd try installing it again. D-Tools 4.0.6 works for me under RC2. Wish I could get build 5920, but I might as well wait for RTM.

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Ill give it a try when I get home from work. I too would like to get a new build also, but I believe that RC2 was the last build to the public. I could be wrong tho!

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5600 RC1 is the last publicly available build.


5744 RC2 was the last interim release before the product was released to manufacturing.


5840 PRE-RTM has been released to manufacturers.


5920 PRE-RTM is the latest internal build.


6000 is rumored to be the final RTM.


Here is an almost complete list of builds:


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POSSIBLE "Future roadmap":




"...Windows Vista - January 2007

Vista, originally codenamed 'Longhorn', has been in creation for several years, and has been delayed again and again, and at one point even completely restarted development. It's based on the Windows Server 2003 architecture, and sports many new features such as the Windows Sidebar, a redesigned start menu, parental controls and Windows Defender. It is still pretty similar to Windows XP, so isn't hard to use. It is finally due for release in early 2007, but some manufacturers will begin selling it with PCs before the end of 2006.


'Fiji' - 2009

Very little is known about 'Fiji', which will be Vista's successor. After analysing what we know about Fiji, Vista and Vienna, it would appear that Fiji is set to be a small in-between release. Fiji should be like XP Service Pack 2 - some new tools and features, a few security updates, and a codebase upgrade. We could be wrong, but this is exactly what happens with Windows Server releases: Microsoft release a new Server Operating System every 4 years, and halfway in between they release an R2 of the release which is a new operating system, but is just a few changes rather than anything brand new. This would make sense for Fiji, and would keep Microsoft's eyes firmly on Vienna.


'Vienna' - 2011

'Vienna' is the codename for the next major, full blown version of Windows. It will sport a brand new interface and many changes from what we've known about operating systems in the past. It makes more sense for this to be the next major thing we see, with Fiji a smaller release in between.



Go back a few years, and Vienna (originally codenamed 'Blackcomb') was the next new Windows release, with Longhorn (Vista) just being a small stepping stone after XP. The smaller features from Longhorn worked their way into XP Service Packs, and Viennas major features were being moved into Longhorn. Eventually Microsoft changed tack and made Vista a major release on its own, and Vienna to come after that. Fiji was then born to be a stepping stone in between them. It doesn't make sense for Fiji to be brand new and Vienna to also be brand new also, that is planning too far into the future.



Vista, Fiji and Vienna can not all be brand new total operating systems:


* Vista is new but still based on XP and Server 2003

* Fiji is a small stepping stone between Vista and Vienna

* Vienna is brand new, and completely different to anything before









Microsoft Products Roadmap:


October 31st 2007

Windows Media Player 11

Released - The brand new bundled media player is released for Windows XP SP2 and x64 versions. The same version will be bundled with all versions of Windows Vista except "N" editions for the EU.

Download it now.


October 19th 2007

Windows Internet Explorer 7

Released - The new Internet web browser, with brand new features and a new interface - security protection, RSS feeds, tabbed browsing and redesigned entirely.

Download it now.


January 30th 2007

Windows Vista

The latest client operating system from Microsoft. It will be released to manufacturing in October 2006, but will be widely available from shops and online in January 2007.


January - July 2007

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2

The second service pack with even more security fixes and enhancements for administrators. Available before Christmas 2007.


August - December 2007

Windows Vista Service Pack 1

The first service pack with security fixes, updates on vulnerabilities and other updates to patch and protect from malware and other nasties. Available before Christmas 2007.


Windows Server "Longhorn"

The latest server operating system to be released from Microsoft, being the perfect accompaniment to Windows Vista - will be available either at the very end of 2007 or the very start of 2008.



Vista "Fiji" (codenamed "Vista R2")

This will be an additional part of Vista which will have no bug fixes but mainly for added functionality within the operating system. This won't be a service pack, more of an additional feature pack.


Windows XP Service Pack 3

Yet another service pack for Windows XP, adding more security features, hotfixes and other corrections that have arisen or were missed out in the first two.


Windows Internet Explorer 8

The even newer Internet web browser, packed with more features to combat new malware and new protection systems for the time.


Windows Server "Longhorn" Service Pack 1

The first service pack with security fixes, updates on vulnerabilities and other updates to patch and protect from malware and other nasties. Available before Christmas 2007.



Windows Server "Longhorn" R2

A new feature pack (release 2) of which provides this server software with extra features, much like Windows "Fiji" and Windows Server 2003 R2



Windows "Vienna" (previously codenamed "Blackcomb")

Previously codenamed "Blackcomb", this is the new codename for the new client operating system after Vista. Expected around 2010-ish time. Likely to change.



Windows Server "Vienna" (previously codenamed "Blackcomb")

The new server product after "Longhorn" Server and "Longhorn" Server R2 which will provide even more features and technologies that we haven't even heard of yet! Expected around 2011-ish time but likely to change.





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It's a good thing all those future analist make all that money....kinda like making the cover before the story is written...seems a little futuramic...;)

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I am still having trouble installing daemon tool! I install it and I get an error "C:Program filesdaemon toolsdaemon.dll (error opening file for writing) " I now dont get the SCSI message anymore when i try to reinstall it. I redownloaded it and same thing. Im lost?

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