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The HUGE BIG-BIG Windows Vista Thread


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Wondering how stable it really is, especially with games (BF2 in particular). ANyone manage to get it yet? Servers have been too busy for me...


EDIT by soundx98: IMPORTANTE! - So Everyone knows.





DON'T respond to members posts in other threads but DO feel free to PM them and re-direct them here.


An Important note from the site owner/administrator



Tips From member Pyr0 and others - do this 1st


then disable UAP and driver signing.


click on start, then next to user icon in panel and properties should appear.




click on properties and start menu > customize > and make sure "run command" is checked so it appears in panel.


type "msconfig"

Disable UAP (User Account Protection)



Now reboot


then do this


to prevent vista from requiring signed drivers:

1. launch BCDedit:

customize the start menu and enable the run command (like above)


in the run command box, type "cmd"


2. Execute the following command to disable driver signature checks:

bcdedit –set nointegritychecks ON OR

bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON


EDIT: If anyone out there is trying to disable driver signing and its not working try replacing the -set with /set, -set didn't alway's work but /set seems to.




3. Reboot the computer


EDIT: From Spyvie - You don't have to enable the run command, you can type most anything into the search field and hit enter, it will run.


Audio - You can get the nForce audio driver by going to windows update and downloading it


Video - Vista Beta 88.61s are at www.nvidia.com - Vista comes supplied with 87.98s - there is NO control Panel at this time for x64 version - stick with originals for now


nForce drivers - Vista Betas are located at www.nvidia.com - stick with originals for now.


Marvell LAN - at www.planetAMD64.com Download section http://www.planetamd64.com/index.php?autom...ds&showfile=936


Logitech setpoint x64 drivers work fine. www.logitech.com


Disable indexing on HDDs for faster performance. Right click HDD > Properties > "uncheck" Enable drive for faster indexing




Some good tweaks by X300 from XS Thread



Link to working and Non-Working Programs http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...5&postcount=190


Friday June 23rd, 5 new updates to Vista x64 and 6 new updates to Vista x86 today


Update June 27th, 2006 - by Hawkeye








Update June 28th, 2006


New Update for Vista x86 version http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...4&postcount=423

Update June 29th, 2006


New nForce BETA Drivers for Vista x86 and x64 are up on the nVidia website today (no installer)


Update July 5th, 2006


Latest Creative Audigy Vista drivers are on line

See Sethlan's post #10 here http://www.planetamd64.com/index.php?showtopic=24153&hl=#


Update July 14th, 2006


VistaBootPro 2.0 Released


originally posted by Pyr0 at www.planetAMD64.com




I think this is a killer program and a must for Vista users (as well as those that want to uninstall it). :)


Link goodness - http://www.vistabootpro.org/

make sure you read up on everything before executing


LATEST UPDATES FOR Vista x32 Build 5536 Pre-RC1


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Actually it says that I can't download anymore, tried twice and I only got about 40mb before it cut me off.


Screw it.


Office 2007 Beta seems to work fine though. FAR too 'pretty' for me though.

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Crap, my bad Technodanvan.


I'm DL'in it now, both versions (32Bit/64Bit). I couldn't

get it from the site link, but for some reason the link

in my confirmation email started up with no problem.

64 KBps so I won't be able to do anything until after

work Friday.

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Guest Blooz1

Yeah, I saw an article this AM how Microsoft had "opened up" the beta testing to just about anyone, so I checked it out just for kicks. Everything was ok until you got the screen where you actually had to input info to order (DVD version - $6, then $4 shipping WTF??).


THAT screen was FUBARED! On the MS site! HAR!

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i've been beta testing it for months and its getting to the point where im soo used to it that XP is getting to be wierd.


Techno: if you want to get it i would suggest you use a download accelerator. Though i've never been a fan of them i've read about people having great success w/ getting vista and at great speeds using them.


worth a shot if your board i guess.

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Thanks for the advice, I've actually never tried one though I've heard good things about it.


Finally got it to work though I'm about an hour away from completion. Probably going to install it on an nf2 board, hope I can find drivers for it.

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Guest Kobalt

Make sure all your gear has vista drivers available. Or you will find you will be switching back VERY fast. This is especially true for 64bit drivers!

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with x86 you should be good to go pretty much. Vista has a decent amount of drivers built in it.


Its worked perfect with everything i've throw at it since i've been a beta tester.


unforuntatly 64bit continues to be a pain. Not sure why M$ doesnt push to get get drivers for anything and everthing out there.

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note to mods: any vista thread other than this one is to be deleted




no ifs, ands, or buts




warnings are to be sent if anyone posts asking about this OS in any support sections. This is a beta OS. it is not supported. We do not have time to support you using a beta OS.



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Understood, figured since now that its freely distributed this one could get by.


I'll be playing with it for a bit so I'll offer my 'support' as best I can to those that have problems...to a point of course.

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