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Firewire_2 Wont Allow Pc To Boot

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Hey guys


I have a really weird problem. I bought an internal 3.5'' Vantec memory card reader than runs off the motherboard firewire port.


What happens when I have the FIREWIRE header plugged onto the motherboard, the pc wont turn on. When i depress the power button lights come on but go off straight away. As soon as I unplug the card reader off the FIREWIRE header the pc boots up without any problems.


In the bios FIREWIRE is enabled under Genie BIOS aswell.


I dont think its a power supply issue cos I have a big power supply thats not even running at 50% load( according to various calculators).


The device could be faulty but I dont have another motherboard to test it with. I also dont have another FIREWIRE header using device to test the FIREWIRE header on my motherboard.


Any idea's? Anything will be appreciated.


I am thinking of borrowing a device using a FIREWIRE header to test and make sure the FIREWIRE header is working aswell. But I first need to find one from a friend.

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My front port on my CM Stacker Case is connected to to the firewire header and works ok.


Your problem could be that the pinout of the firewire memory card reader doesn't match the motherboard headers.


Check the Pinout reading in both the mobo manual and the memory card reader. If it the memory card reader manual doesn't have a pinout listing try the manufacturer's website.



EDIT: This may sound like a stupid question, but I couldn't find a reference to a firewire (or ieee 1394) card reader on Vantec's website.


Are you sure it is a firewire reader and not a USB 2.0? Or you are plugging the reader into a USB 2.0 header and the reader is indeed firewire? The sockets are the same dimensions on the mobo.



Pages 50 & 51 of the RDX 200 manual http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Manual/87730551.pdf describe the locations and pinouts of the usb and firewire headers.

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