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Why Do You Choose to OC Intel's?

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im not much of an AMD fan as ive only owned intel. so i cant say anything about AMD. but it boils down to the fact ive had such good luck with intel . i have put my intel through some of the most intense overclocking boot camp. i have a 3.2 640 but before that i had a 530 prescott and is far from a great clocker. but did have it at 3.76 rock stable. in my opinion that as a pretty good clock considering the cpu.



i admit my first thought of an AMD is "AMD sucks i dont like AMD , intel is better" well i never owned an AMD. i know nothing about an AMD. A dog doesnt like things it dont understand, some ppl have very similar qualities. (not intended for anybody here). understand it before you bash it.

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In all seriousness, have anyone ever experienced this, too? Ever since I had my first AMD rig (Athlon XP 2500+ OCed to 2.2 GHz), any and all Intel machines (even the P4 3.0c I replaced my AMD with) just seems to be less "snappy" in winxp. This is even more noticable during disk activities, including burning CDs/DVDs.


I had a P3-1 GHz home server and just couldn't stand it anymore. I could barely navigate to do any chores on it (DL patches, move or copy files) while it is up and running (and there are only a few computers that uses it - mostly my Media Center).


When I finally retired my Athlon XP machine so I can use it as a server, it was a world of difference.


Now, don't tell me that it was because it was a 1 GHZ vs 2 GHz difference because it also happens with my P4 3.0c.


For that reason alone, I have shyed away from Intel for a long time.


I will, of course, test out the Conroe 2 Duo before jumping in.


I am not a fanboy of either company. My first gaming rig was a P2-450 during the VooDoo2 era (and that CPU was the fastest in its day - it cost me $900 for just the CPU!). I still liked that platform, as with the same mobo (Asus P2B - gotta love the 440BX chipset!), I was able to upgrade it to a Celeron 900 (OCed to 1 GHz and beyond).


But it was here I started to noticed the disk access sluggishness after another upgrade to an Athlon XP 2500+.


It has to be a chipset issue, since I once had a Comapq laptop that uses the ATI chipset for a AMD Athlon XP mobile that exhibited the problem even worse.


Bah, Im ranting cuz its late and I lost all sense of putting words together, lol.

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Not trying to be offensive or a smartass. I just don't understand why you guys chose the Intels over the AMD's?


The AMD's are cooler, and usually win in just about every benchmark... I don't hate Intel, I think Conroe is going to kick butt.


I just think that this generation AMD's are much better than Intels.


Why did you guys choose to buy Intel's?


PS: Seriously, I'm not trying to be a smartass... ;)

All true when posted in April 06, now all wrong in August 06, it will probably be true again in September 07! WoW :confused:

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so why do we OC intel's? Because its now Intel's turn to wear the crown for a bit. It flip flops back and forth, but to think "You should only overclock the better one" is just close minded.

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I chose Intel for several reasons:


I've never ran with AMD before (please don't flame me).

I've never had any bad experiences with them.

Conroe kicks butt.

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