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I just started reading this forum recently, but I notice that a great deal of the threads revolve around "What should I buy?" Why not just have a thread full of that kind of advise?




Lets spec it out from the ground up, cases, cooling, processors, mb's, hdds, memory, the whole thing.


Everyone seems to dig on the Barton 2500s, what's going to be the next chip that the majority of OCers turn to?



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Athalon 64...no really.


I'm more or less waiting for some more products (motherboards mainly) to hit the market before i make my purchace.


other then that i would probably keep my what i currently have and just move it over to the new box.

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Athlon 64 FX 2.2ghz

gigabyte's new nforce 3 150 pro mobo this one :)

radeon 9800 xt

plextor 8x dvd burner

and keep the rest of the system the same :)


enermax case

sb extigy

2 36gb 15k scsi u320 drives with 16mb cache

adaptec u320 card with another 512mb of cache for the drives

16x40x scsi pioneer dvd

48x scsi plexwriter

tv wonder

x9 (19") and 2 x7 (17") lcds

radeon 9200 pro pci 128mb (second vid card)

same sound system (bose accustimas 5.1 system)

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If I was gonna go all out on a system?


Pentium 4 Engineering sample with Hyper Threading.

A top of the line dual channel motherboard that supports changing of multiplers (engineering sample!)

Dual channel DDR400 - prolly 2 GB

RAID 0 over SATA. Dual 10K 36 GB hard drives

RAID 1 over ATA133 with dual 200 GB hard drives.

Gigabit ethernet and proper wiring and router.

Creative Audigy 2 super-duper edition. The one with the breakout box.

7.1 surround sound speakers.

Radeon 9800 Pro AIW.

Radeon 9200 PCI (dual-head)

4 17" LCD flat panels.



All housed in a freezer running at just below or close to freezing temps so that the system is nice and cold.

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Read my signature, its the system that I have always wanted. State of the art video card. A processor running faster than all other stock AMD chips, watercooling. It is fast as hell and can do whatever I want ti to do. I will be happy for about 6 more months, until i wanna spend more money =)

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sure they can use the ddr500 the athlon 64 3200+ could but it would be nowhere near ddr500speeds the drr500 would be running 400 or however much you could speed up the ht (hypertransport) . since they moved the mem controller to the cpus die alot of latency issues have been overcome and ddr3200 or 400mhz is surprising fast gaming and other mem bandwidth hungry apps .


what i would build today is a 3200+ 64 via chipset mobo some nice 3500ram and a 9800pro xt . i did order a 3200+64 but mobo came in doa and lucked out on returning the cpu(was out close to 90bucks on restocking fees) so i put the money up for a future upgrade sine im already running fast enoguh to hold me over till next year

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