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-Weird X1900XTX problems- Please help before I shoot myself!

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When you open ATiTool, in the main window beside the clocks, near the bottom, there should be 5 ....indented sections..with your GPU temp, Voltage Reg Temps, PCB Temps, Fan Speed %, and GPU Draw (not in that order). Mine is at 32.7A when fully loaded in a game.


EDIT: That PSU might be ok, but i dont see any Thermaltake PSU's on the recommended list, so you might want to check out THIS one. They havent been out that long, but apparently they are almost identical to the Fortrons which are good. And OCZ is always a good name :D


Man you beat me up to it!! Mine should arrive on saturday or monday. These are the EPSILON FX600-GLN with the OCZ label on them.

ATI 1900 series certified PSU's

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Pc is working great now with the new PSU (OCZ Game XStream 600) No more crashes, games are working fine....


Word of advice... avoid Turbolink which is the PSU that came with my Aspire case!! Caused me all kinds of weird problems even though it was a 500 wat PSU and I was only running one vid card.


Anyway, case closed.


Thanks guys.




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Hi all,


Although I've been reading the board for a few weeks now I've not posted yet. Basically I've just finished a new gaming build for use at home, which you can see from my sig.


I got an SLI board and an 7900GTX. The plan being to add another card later on down the line some time. Anyway, like a lot of people I've had major problems with the 7900GTX card so I decided to RMA it and go for an X1900XTX instead. So yep, I have an SLI board running an ATI card! But it should work on my board I think....


Anyway....I simply can't install the drivers for the card, or rather, I can, but they wont see the card properly.... I can't get windows to recognize the card properly.

Now, while trying to get it working this evening I'm also noticing strange things happening with the network connection. "limited or no connectivity" and it seems to keep reinstalling itself, its now on local area connection 8 or 9!


So whatever is going on it seems to be messing with that as well. Conflict? So right now I have my X1900XTX appearing 2 times as an unknown in device manager.


ITs driving me nuts!!


I've installed and un installed the card about 10 times, driver cleaner pro... catalyst uninstall etc. same thing happens, I install the drivers, reboot, card not installed, still listed 2 times as unknown, limited or no connectivity with the ethernet.


Now I have had it working, installed properly first time around, right out of the box. But it kept crashing.... so I was trying to resolve the problem and now cant get it to work at all.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



my irq is on 18 + sound card + network (i use this)


no problems.... iv put on a aftermarker cooler x2 temps max out at 90 generaly they are at 70

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