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cpu-z reporting wrong HTT value?

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i've been reading up the OC guide and made a few changes to the settings


LTD/FSB:: was 5x, now 4x

Bus Frequency: was 200, now 220

Multiplier: was auto, now 10x


if i understand this correctly, my cpu is now running at 2200mhz and the HTT at 1760

is this correct?


when i run cpu-z, it comes back with core speed at 2200 which is fine, but the HTT reports back as 220? should this be right or am i doing something wrong here?

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HTT bus is a bi-directional link between CPU and Chipset

220 base frequency * 4x multiplier * 2(BI-directional) = 1760mhz or 880mhz in each direction.


So the info showing is correct....

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