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AM2 or Conroe?


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    • Conroe
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I've got a Conroe and it rocks. The only problem I'm having is humping over the 2.5GHz level, which is probably just a stupid mistake of mine anyways.

This far out-beats my last AMD system, and I'm very pleased.

If you couldn't tell already, I voted Conroe.

Oh, and a kind off topic question; why does it say my message is too short when it was a lot longer than some of the other posts in this thread?

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I had to say 939... mainly because I am still scared of the bad DDR2 wolf :(

I think Conroe Duo just needs a good XFire motherboard to be the best thing ever... but if its not available then AM2 with a very powerful SLI is quite a challenge for the might Intel chip.

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