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AM2 or Conroe?


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Guest caffeinejunkie
apparently AMD is working on some 65nm CPUs that will offer 50% performance boost and 25% power decrease


Yeah k8l is looking to be sweet


heres some info ive heard so far:


Quad-Core, w/ Shared (Expandable) L3 Cache for all 4 Cores

HyperTransport 3.0 - Providing 40GB/s Bandwidth per Link running at 5.2GHz (16x16)

Improved CrossBar and Optimizations for 65nm SOI and beyond

Support for DDR2, DDR3, and FB-DIMM's (End-User has choice of what to use)

Native support for DDR2-800 & DDR2-1066

4-6 Issue Wide Core

1/2 Cycle SSE processing (2 per Cycle)

Additional SSE Instructions and registers

Power Consumptions of 50w or less

Co-Processing Support

AMD's Pure Virtualisation (Vista Ready)


I dont know how much of that is accurate but hopefully we'll find out 4Q06 or 1Q07

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90nm AM2 babies reminds me of 130nm 939 babies... which were soon replaced by 90nm parts...


65nm AM2 may repeat the 90nm 939 success story, who knows...


as for Intel, let's see :D

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It's hard to say. Conroe vs AM2...


AMD is NOT lowering the 1Mb L2 cache chips but only the 512kb chips. :mad:


So It will come down to initial total system cost (you gotta get more than just the CPU).


Performance/price & performance/power consumption.


Heck if I can swing the bux, I might just build a Woodcrest workstation with gobs of RAID storage & RAM plus a powerful graphics card. I've really enjoyed my Xeon duallie for the last two years.


I voted for Conre but don't hold me to a puchase commitment yet :P

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Initial speculation is that Conroe chips probably won't even be enough in supply till late this year or early next.


But even if it is available right away, I still wouldn't want to pay those buck to Alpha test 'em (or the AM2 chips for that matter). And like someone else brought up with the 130nm vs 90nm, you know there will be a revision on both sides. Both Intel and AMD are trying too hard too fast. Think I'll chill with 939 for at least a year. There is going to be a major price and hardware war coming up, so I think I'll play Switzerland and reap the benefits later.

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gonna stick with what i have for now...if anything, ill get a faster 939 chip and wait a little while till the technology has some kinks worked out....there are almost always problems when something is brandnew and on top of that the price is usually a little higher than it will be in say 6 months....my x2 3800 has done everyting and then some that i have asked of it. but who knows...just have to wait and see what happens when some actuall benchmarks that we can all compare with...not something that is fabricated...


something like that anyways

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