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2 weeks and still no running pc...

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Not to be a nitpicker, but Optrion is spelled Opteron (no biggie). For all intensive purposes I would plug in that floppy header above the first PCi-e slot. Just for stability purposes.

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thanks for the info guys... I'll fix my sig...


so your best bet on why im still having all these issues might be due to the fact that i dont have the floppy power connected??


that sounds like a real possobility, cuz when i have my vid card plugged in the board starts trippin out...


but if i remove the video card the board posts at least...


Im out of town untill tomorrow so when im back in front of my computer i'll give this $2000+ paper weight of a computer another go...


wish me luck...


o yeah i knew i read somewhere that my psu was recomended for this board.... Thx for that link

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